SwimBoBo Inflatable Baby Float With Canopy Shark Variant Age 3 Months - 6 Years

SwimBoBo Inflatable Baby Float With Canopy Shark Variant Age 3 Months - 6 Years

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SwimBoBo Inflatable Baby Float With Canopy Shark Variant Age 3 Months - 6 Years

SwimBoBo Inflatable Baby Float With Canopy Shark Variant Age 3 Months - 6 Years

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Style: Shark
Size: Small

Product Description:

You and Your Cute Little One Are Gonna Love Our Baby Shark Inflatable Float

Why Our SwimBoBo Inflatable Baby Float With Canopy Shark Be Your First Choice?

Safe Design : The baby pool float is composed of long-lasting, leak-proof PVC. The appropriate training angle for the armpit is 40 degrees. With a single click, you may swiftly remove the float. This Baby Float Is Adjustable and will be adjusted according to your Infant's Need.

Sun Protection Canopy : Enjoy the swimming with a removable canopy that provides SPF 50+ sun protection for infant skin. Boost easily with the pump, and release quickly with the tubing. This Inflatable Toddler Float With Canopy Is easy to store and travel.

Multiple Upgrades : To avoid breakage, the chest and seat parts are made of a comfortable and soft sponge. The front half is lifted to prevent it from turning forward, and both sides' wings are extended to prevent it from rolling over. This Baby Float Is Just Ideal For Nowdays Parent's And Babies.

Inflate Tips : Each product is conducted to a gas test. Please keep an eye on the inflatable and don't overcharge it (80 % -90 % of inflating is enough). The little air chamber was inflated first, after the big airbag. This Baby Float Is Made With the Purpose of Child Security.

Best Gift : This Baby Swimming Float Ring is excellent for improving a child's breathing, digestion, and body coordination abilities. It can also help your infant to achieve optimal swimming posture and have a fun time swimming. This Float Is Also The Best Gift Idea, You May Gift It To Your Family Or Friends For Their Kids.

Some Important Notes To Remember : 

~The infant swim ring is not life-saving equipment; it must be wear by a guardian.

~When using, please keep a watch on your children.

~We Highly recommend not to pushing the float when using it, since this may create a security risk.

~Please keep inflation saturation at around 80%-90% to avoid excessive expansion.

~The canopy is made of strong iron, so please keep it dry after usage to extend its life.

~There may be some smells as a result of the manufacturing process, but these will disappear in a few days.

Product Specifications : 






Free Swimming baby


Polyvinyl Chloride

Item Weight

1.62 Pounds

Thanks To Our Happy Customers


Good Quality!!Loved It

"Very cute and smart design. I used to worry about letting him swim since all floats are not safe enough to me. Until I found this, it's stable and comfortable. Can't wait for the summer!! BTW, it was easier to blow it up with your mouth instead of using the pump."

- K.W.


Great Safety Float!

"Without it, you would never go to the beach. My husband and I were so grateful that we bought this before our trip to Hawaii. Our son is only six months old and is very familiar with swimming in the pool, but as the waves blow, the situation will be completely different. It's great. He will float on the top, just riding the waves. We feel very safe with such a son. The Quality Is Also Too Good! We Will surely Recommended To Everyone To Must Buy this product."

- Henry


Question : How Do I Know What Size Will be suitable for my baby?

Answer: Recommended for ages 3-7 months old,weight 11-24 lbs (size S); ages 5-18 months old, weight 13-38 lbs (size L), ages 1.5-6 years old, weight 28-48 lbs (size XL), Or you can also contact us, we will recommend the size for your baby.

Question : Can It Be Inflated By Mouth? Or I Need a device? 

Answer: You can blow it with your mouth,in the meanwhile it comes with a pump.

Question : What Is The Suitable Age For This Float?

Answer : This Is For 3-26 months baby.

Question : Is There A Strap Between The Baby's Legs?

Answer : Yes there is.

Question : What Is It's Material ?

Answer : Polyvinyl Chloride.

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