Swim Arm Band for Kids, Swimming Arms Wings Pool Floats For Babies

Swim Arm Band for Kids, Swimming Arms Wings Pool Floats For Babies

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Swim Arm Band for Kids, Swimming Arms Wings Pool Floats For Babies

Swim Arm Band for Kids, Swimming Arms Wings Pool Floats For Babies

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Color: Cute Crocodile

Product Description:

Swim And Fun With Our Baby Arm Wings Float

Why Our Swimming Arms Wings Pool Floats For Babies be your first choice?

High- Quality : It is made of a high-quality, long-lasting nylon fabric that will give children with an excellent swimming experience. It simply wraps around the arms. This infant Arm wings float is absolutely safe to use.

Good For Swimming : Swimming arm sleeve floaties can help you float in the water and provide extra safety while learning swimming. The adjustable strap provides secure support to anyone weighing 20 to 50 pounds. Our Float sleeve is just ideal for Newborns.

Cute design: The swim sleeve floaties have a cute cartoon pattern that can help children to develop an interest in learning to swim. Also, the bright color helps parents to keep an eye on their youngsters. This Float sleeve design attracts your infant and keep entertaining them.

Easy to use : It is Comfortable to wear and clean. Lightweight and space-saving, Also this baby Arm wings float is easy to carry and transport.

Have Fun In Swimming : Wearing this swim arm sleeve keeps you balanced in the water and gives you more freedom and confidence to swim and play. This Float sleeve let you and your child  fun in the water

Some additional benefits of Swimming Arms Wings Pool Floats:

Comfortable fit : The soft waterproof nylon is made for your child's sensitive skin. Children enjoy being able to move anywhere freely. Adults depend on the snug-fitting cut for extra security.

Secure Adjustable Buckle : It has a double-safety and easy-on/off belt at the back that gives an excellent fit for letting children to move and have fun while being safe.

Patterns Are Adorable : Learning to swim can be more enjoyable! Colorful, interesting patterns attract children to spend more time in the water and build confidence in their ability to swim.

 Thanks To our Happy Customers


Great for early Swimmers

"Worked perfectly for my 2 year old. She loved being able to float and kick more independently in the pool, and I had more peace of mind knowing she had some additional protection. However, keep in mind, this is Not a life jacket. When leaning forward or floating upright, she was fine, but if she got flipped onto her back, she could not flip herself back over, so parent supervision is close parent supervision is always necessary!" 

- Amber


Awesome product

My 4 year old is starting to be more comfortable with swimming and this has been great for her. She loves the design, it is comfortable, size is perfect for her. I bought the same one for my 2 year old, and it fits perfect for him as well. Great quality.



Question : What is the minimum weight for a child to use this product?
Answer: It is 20-50lbs
Question: What are the dimensions of this item?
Answer : 12.44 x 7.52 x 5.98 inches
Question : What is the weight of this product?
Answer : ‎0.13 Kilograms Approx.
Question : What Is it's Material?
Answer : It is made up of Nylon.

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