Sunveno Baby Co-Sleeping Lounger and Baby Bed

This is a Perfect Co-sleeping Lounger For Your Cute Little One

Why Our Sunveno Baby Co Sleeping Crib and Baby Bed Be Your First Choice?

Replicate Baby's Womb Experience: The baby lounger has a 360° bionic uterine design which gives more pleasant and secure slumber for the baby while reducing the frequency of crying. It also provides a secure environment for the infant to sleep in with his or her parents in bed. It is made for infants aged 0 to 12 months. Our Sunveno Baby co-sleeping crib is a organic baby lounger which is a perfect choice for your baby's comfort and safety.

Newborn Bassinet , Portable And Lightweight : Bring your new baby to home in this portable baby bed and infant lounger, which comes with a carrying case and a slim, lightweight profile. This is a perfect organic baby lounger which keeps your baby comfy and happy while he/she is sleeping. This infant baby lounger can easily fit a baby from age 0 month to age 18 months with its extendable strap model.

Versatile Baby Bed : In addition to providing a soft place for your newborn to rest, our co-sleeping baby crib and infant lounger also serves as a changing station, crib, playpen, carrier, and crib for babies aged 0 to 12 months. Now you have got a perfect travel baby bed for your little one. 

Soft Baby Nest : When your baby is Holed up in the soft or breathable material of this portable baby bed, he or she will fall fast asleep. This baby bassinet has contoured cushioned sides, a hypoallergenic mattress, and a machine-washable, ultra-comfort fabric construction. Our Sunveno baby Bed makes Infant's sleep much Better.

Includes Mobile Attachments : You can Attach your mobile to our portable baby lounger to give your little one additional floor time in comfort. And also Hang brightly colored soft toys to the crib which makes your baby entertained for Hours. Our Baby Nest Never let your baby Bored.

Some Parameters Of Sunveno Baby Nest:

High-Quality baby lounger for boys and girls

PRODUCT SIZE : 36*19*9 inch

Standard 100% Certified Fabrics

Fabric: lining:100% Super soft short plush, sponge filling

Suitable for 0-24 Months of age and weighing approximately 10-50 pounds.

 Lounger for tummy time
When your baby needs a brief nap or a long slumber, use this newborn baby bed as a tummy time lounger in the living room.

Portable Bassinet 
This compact baby bassinet is made of soft, breathable cotton and is ideal for travel or vacations to family gatherings.

Portable Playpen for Children
With this newborn baby bed that also serves as a portable bassinet, you can arrange for playtime by attaching the attached mobile.

Use both inside and outside
This portable baby bed with a hypoallergenic mattress which provides portability and comfort when going to the park or resting at home with your infant.

Baby Mobile Attachments Included.
This portable baby bed comes with an infant mobile attachment that hangs above the baby bassinet and will keep your baby entertained for hours.

Materials that can be washed in a machine
This portable infant bed is simple to clean and sanitize. To save time, simply remove the hypoallergenic mattress and throw it in the washing machine.

Size is ideal and portable.
This compact baby bed is 36" x 19" x 9" and is convenient to travel when you're on the go.

Product Specifications:

Gender: Unisex
Age Range: Maternity
Age Range: 0-12 months
Material: Fabric
Dimension: 115x52x35
Model Number: CH23503
Feature: Portable
Certification: AS/NZS
Type:  Baby Crib. Baby Bed & Baby lounge

Thanks To Our Happy Customers


Great Design And Versatality

"Nice fit and higher quality than the 'one of a kind' mattresses on the market. After 2 months of use, there has been no fading (I was worried about the color because it's all white...), it's easy to clean, and I appreciate how versatile it is. We now put this on the play mat for naps and noodle play. The bed is robust and has a beautiful design."

- Junghina


Loved It!!

"I absolutely love this product! My 4 week old son has had issues sleeping in his halo bassinet. However, once I got this product I was so excited to try it out. He knocked out within the minute. And has slept great in it every since. It’s so comfortable, machine washable, beautiful, and roomy so it grows with him! I would definitely recommend and or buy again."

- Charles


Question : What Age range is the toddler size appropriate for use?
Answer: 0-12 months old.
Question : Can It be Gently lift or slide?
Answer: yes ,it can be lift, it's hard enough to lift. you can take your baby from one room to another.
Question : Is it Expensive?
Answer : yes , a little expensive but worth the price (Esha R., A Proactive Baby Verified Buyer).
Question : Is we take this to Anywhere?
Answer : Yes it's light weight and easy to carry anywhere.
Question : Where it is Manufactured?
Answer : It is Manufactured In Asia.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Maybe my baby is just tall and long

This co-sleeper is great, the only issue I've come across is, although it says 0 to 12 months, by 6 months I don't think my child will be able to sleep in it anymore. But as the title states, it could just be that my baby is longer than average. She's 4 months old, but she's the length of a 7 month old.

worth the price

We've been using this co-sleeper for about a month now and I'm a big fan. It can turn basically any area into a safe and comfortable sleeping space, which is nice when she stays with the grandparents who do not have a designated nursery (though it is bulky and does not fold up or collapse so it takes up a lot of space when transporting).
-The material is a very soft, cottony, wide waffle weave. They claim it's breathable, and I did press my face into it and was able to still breathe. I don't trust it 100%, but I do like how soft the material is, and so far no pilling or fraying or chemical smell. It's removable for washing, but NOT the easiest to get back on. So if your babe is prone to leaks or blowouts overnight I would put down a disposable changing pad.
-The "mattress" part seems like the perfect balance of firmness while still being comfortable. It is definitely more firm than a normal mattress, but my daughter immediately preferred it to her bassinet, which was like a board. Also I've noticed no breakdown or compression of the foam (granted, she is only 12lbs).
-I think the size will last us for quite a while, if we wanted. My daughter is 2 months right now and has plenty of space. We'll be putting it in her crib when we move her out of our bed, which I think will help the transition immensely.

-The sleeping surface has a 10% grade which they claim is to help with reflux. Personally I could do without this, and I actually bolster the other end to make the whole thing level. If a baby has bad reflux, a 10% incline is not going to help, and overall it's just an unnecessary safety hazard, especially if you're using this with a newborn.
-It does take up quite a bit of room. We have a king bed and put the sleeper between us- it works, but I would definitely not try it with a queen. And I know my husband will be happy when we move her to the crib so he can spread out again (wimp).
But that's it really for cons. Overall I definitely recommend, especially if you are a c section mama like me and getting in and out of bed is a nightmare. My babe and I instantly began sleeping better with this, and considering that sleep becomes your most precious commodity, this sleeper is worth every penny.