ProNatural™ Happy Baby Carrier For Age 0-24 Months

ProNatural™ Happy Baby Carrier For Age 0-24 Months

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ProNatural™ Happy Baby Carrier For Age 0-24 Months

ProNatural™ Happy Baby Carrier For Age 0-24 Months

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Product Description:

Proactive Baby

Cotton Baby Carrier is What Baby👶 and The Environment🌲 Needs

Are you a mom who not only care about the baby, but also about the environment. If yes, then your quest, to buy a baby carrier, ends here. Our baby carrier is not only BPA Free, it is also made from 100% Cotton which makes it environment friendly as well as baby skin friendly. Baby carrier is for the age 0-24 months, click here to check out our complete collection.

"I really love this Baby carrier. Best thing about this carrier is it has broad shoulder straps which really helps in distributing baby weight on body. I really think it is best for comfort, no shoulder pain or back pain. I really appreciate if you are a mom who is struggling with back pain."

Sharon Hicks

Ergonomically Designed for Baby and Mom

The ProNatural™ Cotton Baby Carrier is is ergonomically designed for mommy as it has weight shifting backstraps which spreads baby's weight towards whole body instead of mommy's shoulders only. it is designed in a way which keeps baby at comfortable position as the straps are made to give 100% comfort to baby while baby is sitting on the carrier.

More About ProNatural™ Cotton Baby Carrier

The ProNatural™ Cotton Baby Carrier can be used for babies age 0-24 months. It is made from 100% natural cotton and it is made from breathable material which makes it 100% safe for baby and it can be used for long duration. It is easily machine washable you just need to put it in the washing machine as you put any other cloth.


Note :- If you have any other type of baby carrier requirement please checkout our complete baby carrier collection it will definitely serve all of your requirements of baby carrier by clicking here.  

Proactive Baby
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Guerrero Walter

Good Product. The fabric is dense as compared to what it looks in photos which is good. I like carrying the child in this as I feel really close to my LO and I feel he also loves to sit in this type of carrier.

Shaw Bryan

Really great product ! It arrived quickly ! my little one is sleeping in it always and it's comfortable for both of us. Highly Recommend

Wood Philip

Love it! I am still getting the hang of it but used youtube video to check how to get baby positioned. It has been fantastic with my 3 month old, we have been able to go swimming pool in it as it is hands-free! My baby likes it he has fallen asleep in it each time.

Black Eric

The product is as seen in the photo the baby is placed correctly. I cannot explain in words but I really love when I am close to my baby. Comfortable for the baby and for the person carrying, it fits easily & quickly.

Nicholas Arnold

Easy to use, dishwashable. Baby is comfortably positioned. Only thing I did not liked was that it was not easy to understand how to use it. Which I understood after seeing youtube video, after you learn it it is easy to use even if you are alone.