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Why Our Baby Stroller? 

Extremely Durable Body💪Our Baby Stroller is made from aluminum which makes our stroller one of the most strongest stroller in the market it is made to serve you for a long time, buy it in 1st baby and use in till your final baby. Stroller also have non-inflatable wheels which makes them extremely durable and these are very well tested on hard roads with stones under all the worst conditions. All the wheels are passed after proper quality control check which makes our baby stroller's wheels extremely durable for you parents.

Proactive Baby


Proactive Baby

3-in-1 Baby Stroller : Our baby stroller comes with 3-in-1 functionality. It can be used as a sleeping bed, as a seating stroller or as a car carrier. Now no need to buy all these functionalities separately and it is also on the go stroller which makes it perfect partner for all the new moms.

Comfortable For Baby & Mommy: Our ProBaby Stroller is made for baby comfort as it has comfortable padding on which baby lies down and enjoy the ride. It comes with adjustable handle bar, cup holder, push leg break and wrist band which makes it extremely convenient for mommy.Proactive Baby

Compact and Travel Friendly : Do you want a baby stroller which not only takes care of all of your baby belongings but also it should be compact. Then our baby stroller can surely help you, It is extremely compact & mobile, it can be easily transported by carrying it in hand or it can be put in the car's trunk.

Proactive Baby

100% Protection For Your Little One: The ProBaby Full Stroller comes with sunshade canopy which protects baby from UV rays of sun (which are extremely harmful for babies), it protects from dust or any other liquid spilling. It has a place of mesh net to say Peek-A-Booto your little one. This sun canopy can be easily opened or closed, if needed. This lets you enjoy the company of your baby and keep him/her protected. It is easily detachable as per need.

Proactive Baby

Shock Proof With Double Shocker Technology : Our baby stroller is made with double shock absorption springs, one big shocker at the at the back wheels and one at the front wheels, which prevents any shocks to baby while you are waking on any any uneven surface with your baby like garden, stairs or any other surface which is not straight.

Proactive Baby


Proactive Baby

Large Pocket To Fit All Baby Belongings: Mommy need to take many things like diaper bags, baby wipes, baby feeding bottles and many other things which needs some space to keep. Guess what we have taken care of your this need also, Our stroller is very spacious and you can easily keep all of your baby belongings in our stroller without worry of space.

Proactive BabyProactive Baby

Single Push Break With Lock: The ProBaby Stroller comes with a single push break for stopping baby stroller at any place. It locks the wheels where you push the break for stopping baby's stroller. It can be released after you release it by yourself. It is extremely helpful if you are walking with your baby in a garden and you want to sit with baby for having some time with your cutie-pie. Proactive Baby


Thanks To Our Happy Customers 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The BEST investment!

"It is easily foldable and the ride is really nice. We just got back from Disney and it was so easy to transport to and from the park and kept our sweet girl comfy & safe during our stay! Lots of fun attachments and stylish stroller! Definitely recommend!"

Heather R.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Best Decision We Made

"We absolutely love our Proactive Baby's Stroller. This stroller rides so smooth and is easy to open and fold. Our daughter is 2 months and is still using the Carriage attachment. She falls asleep so easily and enjoys walks with mommy. We take the stroller in restaurants because she likes it better than her car seat. This stroller is so stylish and we get so many compliments when around company."

Kiera P.


What’s included with a ProBaby Stroller?

Proactive Baby's ProBaby Stroller comes with complete baby stroller set which include whole baby and 3-in-1 set with all the stroller parts additionally below items are also included in the package.

Proactive Baby

What testing and safety protocols do you follow?

We meet (and often exceed) the highest governmental regulations. Additionally, we choose to certify our products with the relevant government authorities, and submit all of our fabrics and materials to testing for harmful substances such as lead, phthalates, mercury, and cadmium. We make sure that our all the products are 100% safe for baby and mommy's use.

I’m pretty short / tall. Will the handlebar height be comfortable for me?

Our adjustable handlebar has six positions that make it workable for almost any sized parent. Kindergartners to NBA players.

How do I use the sunshade?
Our sunshade is included (for free!) with your stroller, you’ll find it’s a breeze to put on and take off. It’s perfect for those extra sunny days. When fully extended, the sunshade keeps the area inside the seat cool and dark, which makes for the best naps. And you can still see the little snoozer in there by lifting up the canopy’s peekaboo window or unzippering the back mesh section.


Age Range: 0-36m
Load Bearing: 18 Kg
Age Group: 0-36months
Frame: Aluminum
Wheel material: Rubber
Stroller weight: 11.8kg (Car Seat weight - 3.3kg)
Foldable: Yes

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Proactive Baby

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ProBaby™ Full Stroller For Newborn/Infant

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ProBaby™ Full Stroller For Newborn/Infant

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ProBaby™ Full Stroller For Newborn/Infant

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ProBaby™ Full Stroller For Newborn/Infant

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ProBaby™ Full Stroller For Newborn/Infant