Proactive-Sunveno™ New Explorer Baby Carrier

Proactive-Sunveno™ New Explorer Baby Carrier

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Proactive-Sunveno™ New Explorer Baby Carrier

Proactive-Sunveno™ New Explorer Baby Carrier

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Product Description:

Proactive Baby

A Baby Carrier Which Don't Hurt Mommy & Gives Comfort to Baby!

Moms are always having shoulder pain and back pain because of the baby carriers out in the market which are not ergonomically designed for carrying baby comfortable as well as giving comfort to mom. 

Our Proactive-Sunveno™ Baby Carrier is made to serve 100% comfort to your baby as well as giving no back or shoulder pain to mommies. Mommies can keep now be sure that even if they will carry baby for long they won't have severe back or shoulder pain. Baby carrier is made for the age 0-36 months, click here to checkout our complete collection.

"Amazing quality baby carrier! Every thing is really nice and there was no terrible plastic or chemical smell. It's comfy to use, even over my pregnant, 8 month belly (I wouldn't carry a baby up front while pregnant however, there's plenty of weight there already). Nothing was missing, in fact, there are two soft comfort pads included for the straps! There is some sort of product registration card, but it's mainly for recalls and safety information. If you're considering getting this for short walks, hikes or trips without a stroller (after the baby is 4-6 months) definitely get this! Great design!!"

( A Proactive Baby Customer)


Light-weight and Durable Material For Maximum Comfort 

Our Proactive-Sunveno™ Baby Carrier is made from high quality durable mesh cloth & cotton material, which makes it extremely safe for the baby and for you. 

The Baby Carrier material is breathable and soft on baby, baby carrier have soft adjustable shoulder belt.

Proactive Baby

More Options To Carry Your Baby!

The exquisite design of Proactive-Sunveno™ Baby Carrier can be used as a hip seat or as a carrier with hip seat or as a complete carrier. This makes it extremely versatile and better than 90% of the baby carriers available in the market.

The baby carrier is ergonomically designed for babies to be carried on shoulder. With this you will not feel pain on shoulder as all the weight is shifted to whole body which end up reliving shoulder pain and parents have more strength for carrying baby for longer.

Product Specifications

Age Range: 0-36 months
Load Bearing: 20KG
Material: Polyester Mixed with Cotton

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Proactive Baby

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Marilyn Murray

I purchased this for my 8 month old daughter. I had another carrier but she wasn't very comfortable in it and I noticed that her legs would turn purple after being in it, perhaps from her legs just dangling down. I tried this one out and took her to the grocery store with me and she seemed to enjoy it. She was happy, squealed and was excited to be out people watching. Her legs didn't turn purple and she moved them freely. I would recommend this carrier.

Linda Stewart

Carrier is very convenient, took off the load from the hands more than 70%. My son three months old so I could not test it completely, the age of the son does not allow yet. About the delivery, ordered from the USA promised to deliver in 7 days and it took 5 days only.

Karen Reyes

This is my fifth carrier and my favorite so far. We tried Ergo baby (didn’t fit my body well), Baby bjorn (bad for baby’s hips - legs just dangle unsupported), a ring sling (I like this one but it’s hard for me to adjust it and keep him in the right spot), and a JJ Cole Agility (I like this one too but it is uncomfortable for a long day as it puts the weight on my shoulders). This carrier is the best because it takes the weight to my hips, has great storage pockets, has multiple ways to wear, is easy for me to do myself, and he loves it. He is five months and it is perfect for facing in, facing out, and putting him on my back. (I can’t put him on my back alone yet, but I’m very comfortable putting him in the front myself.) The pockets are convenient and the quality is great!! I take this thing everywhere! I shopped a ton of reviews and I’m really happy I bought this one.

Harry Bowman

I have tried other hip seat carriers and other kind of baby carrier including the famous babybjorn. My older one does not like the babyjorn and cried immediately when him inside. We turned to use the hip seat and he was very happy with that. Our old hip seat has the biggest problem is there is almost no cushion for the seat and we have to put a small cushion pillow on top of it. We decide to order a new one this time for our coming baby. The one we received is very good quality! With thick cushion and the front cover seems to be breathable. The front cover is detachable so can be removed when needed!

Michelle Powell

This is a very well made product; however, I returned it because you have to click the back closure and then put on overhead, followed by tighten straps unless you have someone with you to click back strap. It just wasn't an easy on off for me unit for me.