PortWarm™ Baby Milk Warmer

PortWarm™ Baby Milk Warmer

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PortWarm™ Baby Milk Warmer

PortWarm™ Baby Milk Warmer

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Proactive Baby
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Your On The Go Baby Portable Milk Warmer!

On The Go Baby Milk Warmer:- Moms are constantly thinking about getting warm water for giving LO warm milk, it becomes hard when you are traveling or outdoors.  We, Proactive Baby, wanted to have a solution which should be portable and also cost-economic. We came with our PortWarm™ Baby Milk Warmer. It is as portable as your mobile and does not require more than a USB port for getting your baby milk warm!

Comfort Your Motherhood :- This Baby Milk Warmer makes your motherhood easy by having portable warmer so that you can enjoy quality time with you Cutie Pie. It can easily warm your formula within 10 minutes for giving it your infant.  It is better than 90% of the Milk Warmers available in the market. It can be kept even in a pocket which makes it useful everywhere.... Whether you are travelling, or hiking or outdoors.

Proactive Baby

Ergonomic Sandwich Insulation Design:- Our Baby Milk Warmer is ergonomically designed for 100% safety with insulation heating chip, aviation insulation cotton, insulation heating core fire treatment. This makes it most safe and reliable infant formula warmer for the for mom and baby. It can be used by mobile charger, powerbank or with any other USB port.

 Proactive Baby

Easy to keep & clean :- It is as small as a palm and it can be easily kept in the car or in the drawer. It is not like those bulky milk warmer which are impossible to carry around. Our baby milk warmer is compatible even world's most compatible milk warmer. Our PortWarm™ Baby Milk Warmer have removable pad, which can be cleaned easily as it is dishwasher safe. It has a shackle for fixing and is suitable for 99% of bottles on the market. Note:- The heating chip should not be washed. 

Proactive Baby

BPA Free & Harmful chemicals free:- Our baby milk warmer is made as per standards approved by government (USA, AUS, UK, CANADA). It is 100% free from BPA and it does not contain harmful chemicals. We care for you and your cute little baby.

Proactive Baby


Proactive Baby

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Lori Roberts

I bought this for a road trip we took. It took awhile to warm up when I first hooked it up but after that it worked wonders! Saved a lot of time not having to stop for warm water every time my baby needed a bottle!

Stone Kathleen

Does not boil the milk up but will keep a steady warm. If you preheat the milk and then place in the warmer. I like the USB so I can have it in my car. It is mainly for warming not heating but I will suggest all the moms who want to just warm and want a portable warmer.

Bailey Gerald

A Fabulous Formula Warmer!

Shirley Fox

Works amazingly well

Bobby Obrien

Quality of the material is good and it does its job really very well..