ProBaby Newborn/Infant Lounger Nest Bed With Pillow For Co-sleeping

We Make The Best Nest Bed For The Baby's Rest 👶


Why Our Baby Lounger Nest Bed With Pillow For Co-sleeping Should Is A Must-Have For All The New Moms?

Replicate Mom's Womb Experience With Extra Softness: Our PP cotton is OEKO-TEX certified, making it safer for a baby's skin. It creates a comfortable and calming atmosphere for baby's healthy resting by simulating the warmth of the mother's womb. Our baby lounger, with its extra pillow, is ideal for your baby's longer and deeper sleep.

Adjustable and Double Sided Design: The infant newborn lounger is 31.5*19.7*5 inches and is appropriate for babies aged 0 to 12 months. Simply loosen the two straps for size modification or unlock the clasp at the end of the bumpers to expand the size and fully open the bumpers. This Co-sleeping baby lounger grows with your cute little one.

Multipurpose & Portable: Our in-bed bassinet is a portable infant must-have thanks to its lightweight (just 3.5lbs) and two handles. It can be used for tummy time, bassinet for a bed, side sleeper, travel bed, newborn cushion, or changing station in addition to being a co sleeper for baby.

Machine Washable & Detachable Design: The baby nest co-sleeper has a concealed zipper on the bottom that can be used to separate the cushion and the pp cotton in the fence for easy washing. The inner pad has good elasticity and does not easily deform. And, unlike other co-sleepers, the improved zipper is strong enough to keep the blankets zipping without snagging or snapping.

Perfect Co-sleeping Baby Bed & Harmful Chemicals Free: The reinforced protective cotton cushion creates a separate sleeping zone for co-sleeping newborns in the adult bed, making them feel more comfortable and snug. It can be placed on the living room floor, on a sofa, or in a baby crib. It is Free from Harmful chemicals making them one of the best co-sleeping beds for your cute little one. 

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'My granddaughter wakes up so much when she stays over that I get no sleep. I looked into safe sleeping options and found this sleeping nest bed. It works in my bed so that I do not have to worry about her rolling off the bed or me rolling on to her. The sides of the little bed are soft and high enough to keep her safe but not too high to block airflow to her. This little bed keeps her snuggled up like she is being held I think that is why she sleeps so much better. I also like that I can pick up and take it in any room we are in for her to nap. Its washable too"




"Been shopping around for a nest like cushion for baby and came across these awesome reviews. Loved that it came in a bag already separated to wash. Once I opened the cushions from air tight bags they inflated quickly. The pad did have a slight odor to it but no big deal. Followed the directions of the instructions to insert cushion. The ring at first had a weird shape to it when trying to put in material. It almost looked like it wasn’t going to fit but worked out at the end. The pad was a tight fit, was worried that I would ripe the cover but it worked out. Hopefully when I have to clean it again it doesn’t tear. Overall material is nice and the pillow is a good option (just threw it in the washer, no problem."

- Albert.R



"Great sleeper for our newborn. Good support. Nice cover can come off and be washed. Makes us feel more comfortable with him in bed. I tried bedside and another form of bassinet but it got stressful since he's only a few weeks old and breastfeed. Took a lot of stress away from me and I sleep so much better now."

-Steph Men



"I originally was eyeing the snuggle me organic but was worried about my baby outgrowing it. I read the reviews for this and decided to take the plunge! It came vacuum sealed and neatly packed! The outside cover is very soft! For the price and quality of this product I’m extremely happy and can’t wait to put it to use for my baby."



Question : Is it be suitable to put in baby bassinet bed?
Answer: Yes,the size is 35.4 x 19.7 inches, it is well be put in bassinet or other similar cribs.

Question : What is the thickness of the pad?
Answer: Roughly two inches. We use it daily. It’s been great!!!

Question: Does Baby nest comes with pillow?
Answer: Yes, I bought three of them, and every lounger has a cute pillow.

Question : Can The Pillow be cleaned in washer & Dryer?
Answer: Yes

Question : How Does the cushioning hold up over time?
Answer: Yes mine seems to have held well I've had it for a few months.

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Dallas Windler

Great, very nice and very practical. Thank you very much

Maiya Kozey

ProBaby Newborn/Infant Lounger Nest Bed With Pillow For Co-sleeping

Adriel Wehner

ProBaby Newborn/Infant Lounger Nest Bed With Pillow For Co-sleeping

Caleigh Treutel

ProBaby Newborn/Infant Lounger Nest Bed With Pillow For Co-sleeping

Cornelius Abbott

ProBaby Newborn/Infant Lounger Nest Bed With Pillow For Co-sleeping