Foldable Baby Bath Tub With Temperature sensor | Travel Baby Bath Tub

Pamper Our Little Ones With The Best Portable Baby Bath Tub And Enjoy The Most Comfortable Yet Happiest Bathe👶

Why You Must Buy Portable Baby Bath TubWith Temperature Sensor:

Safety Material: Environmental friendly PP+TPE material that is durable, free of dangerous chemicals, and safe for your baby's skin. It will not deform at high temperatures. this portable baby bath tub with temperature, travel baby bath Tub is spacious enough for a baby to enjoy bath time. 
Real-Time Temperature Detecting: Portable baby bath tub with temperature, travel baby bath tub is made with advanced temperature sensing technology, parents can quickly change the water's temperature to keep kids from overheating or overcooling while bathing them.
Foldable And Portable: Easily fold and store to conserve storage space, only two simple folding procedures are required, and the folded thickness is only 10 cm. through this portable baby bath tub with temperature, travel baby bath tub, our  little one's can have the coziest yet the most enjoyable bathing experience.
Safe And Cozy:This portable baby bath tub with temperature, travel baby bath tub includes a plush bath cushion that can be taken out when the child gets older. Each bath tub has a water-tight plug integrated into the base to facilitate quick and simple water drainage after a bath. The tub is made stable with a non-slip mat on the bottom, a safety lock in the Centre, and a reinforced connection bracket.
Key Features:
Folding Design: Simple to fold and store. The thickness is only 10 cm after folding, requiring only two simple actions, conserving storage space.
Temperature Sensor: You may regulate the water's temperature in real-time with the aid of this device's advanced temperature sensing, which also lets you know when the water is safe for your child to bathe in. There are 2 LR44 batteries needed.

Ergonomic Cushion: A comfortable bath cushion pad is offered for newborns, preventing water suffocation when the child is lying down and protecting the spine when the child is sitting.
Preservation Of Heat: Designed with a ring-shaped gap that prolongs the heat preservation so that the baby can take pleasure in bath time.
A Drain Port: It is quite helpful that a plug has been constructed at the base of the bath tub to enable rapid and easy drainage of water after bathing.

Size Available : This size is for an estimation. If you need any assistance from our team to figure out what is exact size is  suitable for your needs, please contact to our team on Facebook chatbot below or contact us by clicking here. Our Team would surely love to guide you for the best buying experience. 

What Our Customers Say About Us!

"Great baby bath, won't be able to test out for another few weeks but it's very stable , very soft and Great material pillow support. Thermometer works perfectly". 


1Q: What age can this be used up to?
Answer: I think it really depends on the size of your baby and the height. I personally still use it for my baby who's about 3 months as I found it more convenient bath tub for her to use. (By Proactive Baby Customer)
2Q: Is the portable baby bath tub with temperature, travel baby bath tub same as shown in picture?
Answer: Nice material & very beautiful exactly like shown in pictures thanks to Proactive Baby. (By Proactive Baby Customer )

Product Specifications.

Product: Portable Baby Bath Tub With Temprature, Travel Baby Bath Tub.
Color: Pink, Blue, Green.
Size: 75x46x21cm.
Feature: Eco-Friendly.
Age Group: Babies.
Fits for: 0~6 months.

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