mBaby™ Electric Breast Pump For Sucking Milk With Full Comfort

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 Want More Milk For Your Baby Within Few Minutes

How Our Quick Electric Breast Pump Can Help You

Don't Waste Single Drop Of Milk - Bilateral Suction

We know milk is most precious thing for you and your cute baby. Our mBaby has bilateral suction technology which sucks milk from both the breasts and don't allow to waste even single drop of milk. Now no need to buy single suction pumps.


Pain Free & Fast Sucking 

You feel pain with your present pump it is because your current pump is not made to suck the milk without paining you, but we have got your covered. Our pump is ergonomically designed for milking fast and giving you no pain at the time of milking.


Portable and Easy to Carry

Our mBaby Electric pump is really easy to carry in any journey. It can be be used by any power bank, laptop or any other USB cable point so that you can use it on the go.


Easy to Clean & Environment Friendly

The mBaby electric breast pump is dish-wash safe which makes it extremely easy for you to clean. We know you love environment and we also want to save the environment that is why we have made bottle which can be used in multiple uses like storage of milk, baby feeder and collecting milk.

How To Use?

Steps to use our mBaby Quick Electric Breast Pump:

1. Clean breasts with hot towel throughly before using the electric breast pump. It is mandatory for keeping your baby's milk safe from any bacteria.
2. After Assembling the whole pump (as shown in the video) place it firmly on your breast. Kindly note that your nipple should be on the center of the breast pump and not at any other place.
3. Start our pump with slow sleep and once you are milking you my adjust the speed of the pump based on your comfort.
4. No you can relax and let the milk come. You can work, chill-out or just binge watch netflix in this time
5. Once you have got enough milk in the bottle, tightly close the cap of the bottle and keep it in the fridge. 
6. At the time of using the milk please warm it to the room temperature.

Mother's advice : Try to collect more milk at the time when you are more relaxed it is normally in the morning when you have had a good sleep or in the night. 

What Our Customer's Think about Our Electric Pump

"I love this proactive baby's mBaby pump, because I can use it at home while cooking, doing chores and taking care of my little one, As well as I can take it on the road when I go out for long periods of time. I love how easy to use it is. Its very practical, has strong suction and light weight very quiet, my hubby even noticed how much more quiet it is compare with the madela that I have. I would really recommend. Excellent for the price."



Is this pump is rechargeable or it needs to be connected always?
This is not a rechargeable type of pump it needs to be connected to be always connected to some power source like power-bank or laptop with USB Cable.
How much time does it takes for it to collect milk and is it dish-wash safe?
It usually takes 10-15 minutes to collect milk but it depends upon body to body it is certified electric pump so it meets the standards but your body may take less or more time to collect milk.
Does it have any harmful chemicals?
Our breast pump is completely safe for usage. It is made only from safe material which are free from BPA, harmful chemicals.


Material: PP Plastic Free From Harmful Chemicals like Latex, Nitrosamine,Phthalate,BPA
Is Batteries Required: No, USB Cable use. 

We are happy when you are happy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Carmelo Gottlieb

Special Thanks to Proactive Baby's Team.
Delivery express 6 days to NY, USA. The equipment corresponds to the description, the device works well. Everything came in individual bags, in a bag, a box. Instruction, everything is clear.
There is a massage mode (blue indicator), pumping (red). Excellent device. Works properly. In the set of additional inserts, I did not need, but I consider it a plus.

Jamaal Stanton

Haven''t tried it yet but looks good and seems same as described

Estevan O'Kon

Great I didn't expected at all that would be as good as shown as shown in photos, good packaging with instruction book, 2 bottles and other many parts which you can assemble for your babies milk. Highly recommended buying from Proactive Baby. :)

Clark Jacobs

The pump is excellent. Works very well, does not hurt and is silent.

Alysha Weimann

Still not tested. bought by other reviews here. Believe that will be great. Now, just waiting for the baby… Lol Bought 27/05 and arrived at home (SP) 07/06. Very fast.
Thanks to Proactive Baby's Store