Mambobaby™ Baby Float with Sun Canopy - Airplane Variant

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Buy Now MamboBaby™ Air Plane Swim Float With Sun-Shade Canopy & Enjoy This Summer With Your Little One in Pool

Safely enjoy pool time with your baby!

The Baby Float is completely safe for your baby; it has a safety fastened back-strap that is easy to put on and keeps your baby safe. It has a sunshade canopy that protects the baby from the sun's harmful UV rays!

Our MamboBaby™ Air Plane Baby Swim Float With Sun-Shade Canopy is an innovative swim trainer for your baby that keeps them safe while learning to swim.

It is made for babies aged 3-24 months. If your Baby's age is different click here to check out our complete collection.

"The quality is great and it’s very comfortable. We even used it in the bathtub a few times to get her used to it before vacation." 

6th Jan, 2023 Roya B. (Proactive Baby's Customer)

Why Our MamboBaby™ Air Plane Infant Pool Float With Sun-Shade Canopy?

Baby Safety Is Our Priority-The MamboBaby™ Air Plane Infant Pool Float is designed to protect the baby from all ends. It includes a safety buckle with 5 support points and a precise 40°angle to keep the baby balanced and prevent him from falling off. To avoid any slipping and to keep the baby safe, tighten the buckle as needed.

Proactive Baby
Proactive Baby

Supports Back and Front Stroke- The Baby/Infant Swim Floater with canopy supports backstroke and breaststroke with different buckle methods. Backstroke Suitable for 3~12 months baby, breaststroke Suitable for 3~24 months baby.

Proactive Baby

High-Quality Pearl Material & Added Removable Tail- High-Quality Pearl Material & Removable Tail- Unlike other baby floaters, Our  Baby/Infant Swim Floater does not smell like chemicals, making it a more baby-likable product. Toddler Float is constructed of high-quality swimsuit fabric and a TPU film wrap that has the appearance of leather and feels like skin. Because it is constructed of pearl foam on the inside, it dries quickly and is bacteria-free. Our baby float has a removable tail that you may adjust to your baby's comfort and keep him safe. 

Proactive Baby

No More Blowing Air In The Baby Float and with Enhanced Safety-We, as parents, understand how difficult it is for mums to inflate baby floats every time they go in the water, and how worried they are about the float leaking or deflating. This is precisely designed for babies with increased safety because it is constructed of breathable material, which makes it safer for babies and eliminates the need for moms to inflate air each time the baby goes into the water. Now you can observe your kid while he or she enjoys the water. It's an excellent trainer for a baby learning to swim.

Proactive Baby

Storage Place:Our new airplane baby float comes with storage place and here you can keep your baby's milk bottle and other things based on your comfort.

Proactive Baby


Removable Sunshade Canopy- The Proactive Baby's Baby Float comes with a sunshade canopy that can be quickly removed at your convenience to protect your baby from dangerous UV Sun Rays. It comes with a UPF 50+ effect to save the baby from harmful UV sun rays. It has four side buttons that you may easily remove according to your needs.

Baby Float
Proactive Baby


 How to Wear Baby Swim Float? 

The Baby Swim Float is easy to wear and strap on the baby as shown below. Just need to put the baby's hands in this float and strap it on from behind. Tada... baby is wearing it! to enjoy water and splash water on you.🤗

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Product Specifications

Dimensions : 18.5 x 17.2 x 3.5 inches
Weight: 1.58 pounds
Material:  Outside Skin-Friendly Leather material and Inside Pearl-foam Material 
UPC: 696573628842


The description only says 3-24 months but what about weight????

A. Proactive Baby's swim float Fits for Children's weight from 13 to 40 lbs. If your Baby's age is different click here to check out our complete collection.

Can you purchase a canopy separately? We discovered that it was lost it in the lake.

A. You can purchase the canopy separately in our Proactive Baby store! You can click here to purchase

Can this be used in a bathtub?

A. Yes it can if you have a larger garden tub or wide tub

Notice - We request all the parents to closely watch their LO when their little one is in the water. Kindly don't forget our product is an aid to keep your baby safely floating in the water we are confident in our product but we will request you to do complete supervision of your baby when your baby boy/girl is in water. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Lavada Orn

It's good quality but 60 dollars isn't worth it. You don't stretch the security belt. I thought that if but there's only one tiny baby that doesn't work.

Edgar Gabius

Really perfect I recommend and it arrived earlier than expected.

Stina Plotzitzka

I would recommend it

Maribel Leffler

Make you satisfied

Cosima Ehm

Awesome product, my baby seemed extremely comfy in the harness. It also meets AS.NZ safety standards which is good for piece of mind. Item arrived so fast-11 days to Melbourne, Australia.