HotMom™ Bluetooth Baby Rocker

HotMom™ Bluetooth Baby Rocker

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HotMom™ Bluetooth Baby Rocker

HotMom™ Bluetooth Baby Rocker

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Product Description:

Proactive Baby
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Our Baby Rocker Moves Like You Do!

Why Our HotMom™ Bluetooth Baby Rocker...

Lets Your Baby Enjoy Your Presence 🤗 & You Baby's Smile:

Babies want that you always hug them swing them and always keep them entertained and surely you also want to spend time with your baby and keep him smiling. Our Product can help it will keep your baby smiling and swinging and you can enjoy view of your baby's happiness. You can choose to use it in any position in sitting, sleeping or play mode

Proactive Baby

No Hassle of Always Finding Remote - Connect Via Mobile Bluetooth 

Our HotMom™ Bluetooth Baby Rocker is easily controllable via any Bluetooth mobile which makes it extremely easy for parents to use. You just need to connect your mobile with our baby rocker's Bluetooth and your baby is ready to swing.

Proactive Baby

Baby Enjoy Music While Swinging...

Our HotMom™ Bluetooth Baby Rocker has sound speaker so now you can play the music of your baby's want and let him enjoy the ride with music. You will surely see dance of your baby on the rocker with music.

Proactive Baby

Imitate Parents Swinging Pattern...

Our HotMom™ Bluetooth Baby Rocker is made to move in the same way as you swing your baby in your hands. This makes your baby think that you are hugging him while he is sleeping. It has gentle swinging pattern to copy parents. This gentle swinging pattern makes it easy for baby to sleep and they love riding in our rocker. You can choose 5 patterns of swinging.

Proactive Baby


High-quality Durable Material & Easy Maintenance:

Our HotMom™ Bluetooth Baby Rocker is made from high-quality aluminum which makes it very long lasting and it can easily carry your baby's weight without any problem. Now you don't have to think about buying new baby rocking swinger because your child is growing. Buy it for the first child and use it till last child. 

Proactive Baby

The cloth of our rocker is made from 100% cotton which is recommended by pediatrician and other parts of our rocker is made from BPA free material. It is approved by various authorities for being safe for babies.

Proactive Baby

Special Thanks To Our Happy Customers

This is by far the best purchase I’ve ever made. My son loves it!! It’s super easy to move around cause it’s not so huge like the other baby swings and serve the purpose correct. I love its technology it is controllable easily with mobile and also with the buttons given on the swinger"
Booga's Mummy

"Incredible product for working moms!
The fact that I am able to sit at my computer and write this review alone means this is worth 5 stars. My newborn has not slept without being held since we first brought him home from the hospital. He is currently asleep five minutes after putting him into the HotMom™ Bluetooth Baby Rocker. I would have paid 5 times this price for him to be able to be soothed.
Stop reading this review and buy this if you can afford to, if not mortgage your house, sell your car. It is worth it


Does it have to be connected to the light for it to work or is it rechargeable?

It has to be always connected! Its not rechargeable. However If you have a power bank then you can sure use it on the go. Means it can be used with power bank also as it can be plugged in with USB cable also.

What is the max weight for child?

It can take from baby born up to 25 lbs of your baby's weight. It is primarily used for baby sleeping and swinging.

Will this for a 50 pound Australian Shepard? 

Its for a human babies 👶 and not for dog babies🐶. You may find any other product which can take that weight our product is specifically designed for babies.


Age Range: 0-12m
Age: 0-1 years old
Material: Main Body -Aluminum,
Other parts- High Quality BPA Free PA plastic,
Cloth- Pure Cotton.

We are happy when you are happy!

Proactive Baby

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Neoma Spencer

My babie loves it. Excellent for small spaces. Worth every penny.

Chandler Franecki

It was very easy to assemble, easily washable, his smiles are prescious

Jillian Bosco

Just Buy it! My month old baby liked nothing but me holding him. Until this! Just Buy it. You will thank me later. I love it.

Kaycee Bernhard

Absolutely worth the money my 3 month old loves this chair. I love all the features. The baby likes the car ride feature, it sometimes just puts him right to sleep. Easy to assemble and light. We've definitely used our money's worth. I actually had a friend come over with her new baby that does not like to be set down at all. Her baby fell asleep in it. She bought it right away. I would definitely give this chair a try.

Antwan Kutch

Love it best thing I ever got my granddaughter she loves it .