BPA Free Teether for Baby with Stylish Designs

BPA Free Teether for Baby with Stylish Designs

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BPA Free Teether for Baby with Stylish Designs

BPA Free Teether for Baby with Stylish Designs

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Style: Banana
Color: Yellow

Product Description:

Proactive Baby

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The Proactive Baby's Bubbatooth™  Teether & Toothbrush Toys is designed for makings parents life easier and babies happier at teething time.

This is give moms happiness of helping babies at teething time. 

Babies go through tough time at the time of teething of babies. They have irritation and swollen gums. Which need massage and gentle touch.

Proactive Baby


The Bubbatooth™  Teether is made out of 100% Food-grade silicon. this is approved by USA and various other governments as being one of the safest teether in the market.

This is BPA Free which makes is free from harmful toxins and 100% Safe for babies.

The soft and flexible silicon material decreases the risk of mouth injury. Which is there in any other type of teether.

Proactive Baby 


Being Parents of two babies. We made it sure that it should be 100% safe for babies and the design is made in such a way that it is 100% Safe for babies.

The Bubbatooth™  Teether is made in a way that babies cannot put it down in their mouth but they can go to every corner of their mouth for their teething massage.

Proactive Baby


The Bubbatooth Teether is made out of 100% food-grade silicon. This makes it 100% safe from boiling it in water for sterilizing it and dishwashing it.

It is recommended by 1000's of moms and we recommend you to try it. After trying you will come to conclusion of suggesting to other moms. Which we are doing after using it.

Proactive Baby



"I was hesitant to purchase yet another teether for my 5 month old son. He’s has rejected every teether so far. But upon reading all the amazing reviews about this Baby Banana Teether I decided to give it a shot. Well let me just tell you it was a instant hit! This teether is perfect size and weight for babies to grasp and a bring to their mouth. The yellow color attracts their attention and many times my sons likes to gaze at his banana. The entire teether is made out of one material so babies can chew anywhere and receive the same benefits. The banana peels placement allows for a pack clip to be attached to the teether. No more dropping teethers and constantly cleaning them. Speaking of which this teether is dishwasher safe!!! 😮 The only negative that I can find is that lint, fuzz, and hair likes to cling to the banana. With that being said I would still repurchase and recommend this teether to all moms out there! Cause this was the only solution I found after trying almost 10 teether toys."
Brittany J
(Verified Buyer)



Is this teething item BPA free?
Yes, it is BPA, Phthalate, Latex, and Toxin Free. Babies loves both the Banana teethers.

Can you use this for just teething as early as 6 months old not for toothbrushing?
Yes! Absolutely. This is for teething. Babies can use use it at 9 months with no teeth. and they Loves it!

Can we sterilize it?
Yes. Teether can be sterilized.

Can you boil the banana and the two finger brushes in hot boiling water for a couple min prior to first use?
You can put it in the hot water and covers it for two to five minutes to steam. I do not suggest boiling it in the hot water on fire.

Proactive Baby

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