eLITTLE™ Compact Stroller I Lightweight Baby Strollers

Introducing the Ultimate Compact Stroller: Streamlined Design, Maximum Convenience!

Why You Must Have Our eLITTLE™ Compact Baby Stroller?

  • Compact and Foldable Design: Our eLITTLE™ Compact Baby Stroller is designed with your convenience in mind. This lightweight stroller is perfect for parents on-the-go. With its one-hand quick folding design, it's easy to pack up and go. Plus, its ultra-compact size and self-standing feature make it easy to store and use, providing you with the ultimate convenience. It's an ideal choice for airplane journeys and travel, making it the perfect companion for your next adventure with your little one. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Choose our eLITTLE™ Light-weight Baby Stroller and enjoy the freedom to explore the world with your child.
  • Light-weight Aluminum Stroller: Introducing the best lightweight stroller in the market! This infant stroller is made with an aviation-grade aluminum frame that is not only ultra-lightweight but also incredibly strong for long-term use. Its luxurious appearance is perfect for use on the go, and you can effortlessly carry it with just a single hand. Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose this lightweight stroller for comfort, convenience, and style.
  • High-comfort For Your Cute Little One: Introducing our eLittle lightweight stroller! This stroller is the perfect choice for new parents looking for a comfortable and cozy ride for their little ones. Our stroller is designed with new 3D skin-friendly fabrics that will make your baby feel like they're sleeping on a cloud. With an adjustable backrest and footrest, your baby will have the best journey experience possible. Don't settle for less, choose the eLittle lightweight baby stroller for your toddler and give them the best ride ever!
  • Convertible Facing Stroller: Introducing the eLittle Lightweight Stroller - the perfect partner for your travels! With its easy-to-use feature, you can switch seamlessly from world-facing to parent-facing mode within seconds. This means you can interact with your baby, admire their precious little face, and create precious memories while on the go. Choose the eLittle Lightweight Stroller for an unforgettable travel journey with your little one.
  • Safe For Riding: As parents, the safety and comfort of our little ones are always a top priority, especially when we're on the go. That's where the eLittle compact stroller comes in. This stroller is specifically designed to ensure that your baby has a happy and safe riding experience. With its one-foot brake system, one-click direction locking mechanism, and car seat level with a 5-point harness, you can rest assured that your baby is secure and protected. Plus, the shock-proof tires will keep your baby stable and content on any terrain. Invest in the eLittle compact stroller for a worry-free and enjoyable journey with your little one!

Easy to Use

One-hand recline adjustment lets you quickly lay to the seat back, and the adjustable footrest provides extra support for the child's feet.

Adjustable handle

The handle can be adjusted upwards and downwards, suitable for parents of different heights, reducing the inconvenience caused by improper height of the handle.

Anti-explosion 360° wheels

360° rotatory front wheels + anti-explosion back rubber wheels + a brake. Smoothly move baby to everywhere & terrains. Shake-reduction springs to reduce bumpy effects.

One-handed, one-step fold

One hand and one smooth motion is all it takes to fold the EMU! At just under 20 lbs, bring the EMU wherever life takes you thanks to the built-in carry handle.

Thanks To Our Happy Customers


Great Stroller For The Price Point

One of the things I wanted to have was the ability to have our son be able to lay all the way down for a nap and this does exactly that! The stroller does everything I wanted in a stroller. I like that the seat can face forward and backwards and lay down both ways. It’s a lot easier to fold and unfold than we thought it would be and it is super compact and will leave more room in the trunk of the car for luggage and other items we are traveling with! A lot of compact strollers are hard to maneuver but the stroller maneuver is perfectly fine on concrete sidewalks and through the park. Our son enjoys how he can be sitting up straight and see everything as we take walks.

- Shelbi


Question: Can A Maxi- Cosi Car seat fit this stroller? Do you have an adapter for it?
AnswerYes, We have a Maxi-Cosi car seat, and we ordered an adapter from the vendor, and it works, no problem ( Verified Customer of Proactive Baby)

Question: Is The cockpit of this Lightweight Stroller Comfortable for a Baby?
AnswerYes, it is very comfortable, and my baby loves to sit in it. The fabric of the cockpit is soft and breathable compared to other cheap strollers, and they have added 2 bumpers on both sides which is pretty good for the safety of babies.

Question: How Would This Perform On Cobblestone Streets?
Answer: I have not used it on the cobblestone streets, but this stroller works pretty stable on the paths in the park. ( Verified Customer of Proactive Baby) 

Question: How Lightweight this Umbrella Stroller is?
AnswerI can lift it very easily with one hand, so the weight of the stroller works good for me. The reason I choose this eLittle stroller is that it has combined a high-quality and compact  lightweight design which is some other strollers can not do.

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Customer Reviews

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Its nice and compact ...

I am happy with this stroller and my toddler likes it as well. I have looked at various ones and those just did not work out. This stroller is spacious and comfortable for my toddler to sit for a few hours. I really liked the fact that the seat becomes a small bed because you can recline the back support and lift the shin support up to make it lay flat. This way the legs are not hanging nor the head is flopping around. Most strollers don’t do that and that was a concern for me. The space underneath is big enough for a medium size diaper bag to fit. It is lightweight and quite convenient to carry. As for folding the stroller it was a little tricky at first but much easier afterwards. I also like that it is compact and not bulky like other ones that take up too much space in the trunk, especially while traveling. I do recommend this stroller for anyone looking for a good yet different style that does have the major concerns checked off. I have added pictures to help you can see how it looks in person.

Impressed, full size but still compact

I love this stroller. It combines the comfort/versatility of a regular size stroller with still being a compact size. I love the style and look of it, the gray color is pleasant and neutral. It’s easy to assemble and glides along easily. My favorite feature is how small it folds up. I drive a small suv and this can fit behind the drivers seat easily or when in my trunk I still have room for groceries. It takes a few tries to understand how it folds up but now I have no problem with it. The handle they put underneath for carrying is a genius feature. I can carry it folded up with one hand.


Good customer service

Nice and practical stroller

This stroller is of good quality, very practical and easy to use.
The interior has a padded seat, and the stroller reclines easily.
It is easy to move as the wheels are very smooth.
It folds easily to a very compact size; it stores easily in small spaces such as the trunk and is lighter than other models.
I liked it a lot.

Great compact stroller, little wiggly

While it is great and smaller then our maxi cosi, it doesn't fold up as well if you have to turn the seat facing you. Also noticed it's a little creaky where it mounts. Did perform well, just makes me a little nervous. It rolls super easy but does not have any clips for cup holders or anything around the handle. We do add bags to be able to carry things but with nothing on the side, it can not keep the bag from sliding down to the baby.
So this is great for the basics but think will only be good for quick car rides. Probably continue using our old one for his stroller trips to the park. Strollers get a lot of use at our house as he is taken out daily for up to two hour walks to the stores and the park.