CyneBaby High-view Baby Stroller With Reversible Cradle

A Better Child Care With A Better Baby Stroller👶

Why our Baby Stroller is Better For Your Baby Future?

  • STROLLER CEILING ADJUSTABLE: CyneBaby High-view Baby Stroller With Reversible Cradle has 4 wheels, which means it can be adjusted. It is also incredibly stable and runs smoothly. Seat cushions are detachable, washable, and have an adjustable foot rest for both sleeping and sitting positions.
  • ADJUSTABLE VENTILATION WINDOW: Ventilation windows are given to assist in proper breathing and to protect the baby from the sun's UV radiation.
  • REMOVABLE ARMREST : The cockpit of this umbrella stroller is designed with new 3-D skin friendly fabrics which can make your baby feels more cozy than other strollers. And also this toddler stroller can let your baby have the best riding experience with its adjustable backrest and footrest.
  • PUSH HANDS ADJUSTMENTS: It can be easily adjust by hands.
  • HANDSET DETACHABLE FOOT COVER:  By adjusting the foot rest up and down, you can put your baby in the most comfortable position for his or her age.
  • SAFE TO RIDE: Because a safety travel is the most important thing for newborns, this stroller includes a one-foot brake system built in. To ensure that all newborns have a happy and safe riding experience, one-click direction locking and car seat level contain a 5-point harness. 


- Stroller frame is made of a tough material..

-Shock absorbing spring on the front wheel.

- Oversized rear wheels , Easy to navigate uneven Roads.


Thanks To Our Happy Customers 


This Stroller Rocks

I really really love my new stroller. It is absolutely beautiful, it is very well made. I really love the colors on it, the colors and design makes this stroller look so fancy. My 3 month old daughter fits perfect on this. She can sleep very comfortable as I stroll around the park or mall. Assembly was not too difficult, took me less than 15 minutes. I really like how big it is and that my daughter will be able to grow on this stroller comfortably.”



The BEST investment!

"I am deeper in love. This stroller bassinet form is perfect for my child. I recommend placing a blanket underneath your baby to increase their comfort & turning the bassinet form to face you while you push the stroller. I’ve gotten so many compliments as well, which feels good. lol! The way the stroller collapses is nice and easy. I have noticed there are easier strollers but I am ok with the weight bc of how long this stroller will last, I do not expect something light weight or super thin. I would buy this stroller again.”



 A good product for very limited purposes!

Love the look. Love the quality. Love the stroller. Love Cyne babies prompt and professional customer service!! At first, our stroller arrived with a minor damage. I contacted customer service and they were very nice about the issue and replaced the broken part immediately.



Decent Stroller For The Price!!

“Overall I love the look and feel of this stroller. It was easy to put together and instructions were easy to follow. The stroller did have a strong smell, probably just because it was either sitting too long in the warehouse or something. I love that it comes with mosquito netting. It is not as lightweight as it says in the description. My Chicco stroller is lighter, but it’s still not bad. The only bad thing I’ve found so far is the cushion that goes on the seat. It is very cheaply made and the holes where you pull the rough the straps are too high, so the bottom of the cushion doesn’t sit at the bottom and there’s about an inch of space. And then at the top, there’s like an inch of extra cushion. I just think the holes were placed too high. Also, there’s not a lot of cushion in the cushion. But it still seems comfortable for her. The straps are kind of hard to tighten when she’s in it because of the strap covers but it is what it is.”



Great Customer Service/ Love The Stroller

“Putting this beauty together literally took less than 5 minutes. The wheels on this thing is amazing. My baby isn't born yet but I test drive and I must say this is an amazing smooth ride. I wish it was gold and black because the brown makes the stroller a bit dull but the gold brings out the whole stroller so I suppose it's ok...I also wish the net was more secure and easy to put on and the storage in the bottom was bigger. But overall this stroller is beautiful easy to put together light weight, and very big for baby. It looks like the baby, a small dog and a handful of toys can fit in this stroller all at once... it has a lot of space which is great. The storage in the bottom isn't so big, very small compared to other strollers... But I'm happy with my purchase.” 



Question: Can You Attach A car seat? 

Answer: Hello, dear. Sorry we can not offer car seat now. Our designers are gonna to finish it but not now. Extremely sorry for this dear. 

Question: Hello. I was gifted this stroller but it did not come with a guide/manual and I'm not sure how to properly make it sit upright. Can I be sent or email?

Answer: Dear you can find the video on our youtube channel just write cynebaby and you will find the youtube channel and you will get all the details there.

Question:Canthis stroller work in cold weather?

 Answer:Yes, dear. You can put down the curtains and zip foot cover on the bassinet to avoid cold wind and keep your baby warm.

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