ComfyBaby Ergonomic Baby Carrier

ComfyBaby Ergonomic Baby Carrier

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ComfyBaby Ergonomic Baby Carrier

ComfyBaby Ergonomic Baby Carrier

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Product Description:

 Need a Multifunction Baby Carrier?.... We Got Your Covered! 

Our ComfyBaby Ergonomic Baby Carrier is considered one of the best carrier for 100% comfort to baby and mommy as it helps reduction in backpain to parents and baby is seating comfortably on cotton material which is very soft for baby. Baby carrier is made for the age 0-36 months, click here to checkout our complete collection.

"I liked the baby carrier, I am not tired by using it yet for short duration. The color is pleasant. I really think it is best for comfort, no shoulder pain or back pain still, even I have used for almost 3 hours continuously. I really appreciate if you are a mom who is struggling with back pain."


Proactive Baby

Multiple Ways To Use Baby Carrier

The ComfyBaby Ergonomic Baby Carrier is made to use in many ways which makes it perfect choice for all the new parents. It has hip seat mode, backpack mode and full carrier mode which makes it perfect for parents to carry at any position.

Proactive Baby

 Extra Protection and Safety Baby Carrier 

The ComfyBaby Ergonomic Baby Carrier comes with extra safety of neck which is really required for baby's cervical spine safety. It can be easily removed based on baby's age.

Proactive Baby

 Keep Baby's All Belongings in One Baby Carrier 

The ComfyBaby Ergonomic Baby Carrier has large capacity for keeping things in baby carrier. You can keep in this feeder bottle, baby's diapers and other baby essential things.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wilson Melissa

LOVE this carrier! I was convinced into buying the Tula Free to Grow and it was awful. First of all the Tula I bought was $169 and it didn’t allow her to face forward (which I didn’t realize when buying) and it hurt my back because the straps don’t cross on your back. This is so much easier to use, affordable, has so many compartments and most importantly my daughter is SO much happier in it. I can tell it’s much more comfortable on her in all positions. I just wish I would have found this from the beginning.

Timothy Franklin

It is same as photos, looks good quality material. it separates in various parts for keeping all the baby things. It is padded, not yet used but looks promising. I am happy with the purchase, better than those amazon products which costs $ 100+ but don't provide any value for money.

Judy Gardner

It’s hard to believe the quality of this carrier for the price! I am so in love with this carrier and highly recommend it to anyone looking. I just ordered the new Tula Explore (just to have an extra carrier) and I’m thinking about returning it because this one is WAY easier and WAY faster to put on and take off. The shoulder pads are comfy and everything about it feels secure. My son is currently 2 months old so I’ve used the facing in and he likes it. The padded seat is super cool and seems to be very comfortable. I have absolutely no regrets purchasing this product!

Christopher Graham

I absolutely LOVE this baby carrier! The design, the quality of materials used and the craftsmanship are exquisite. It was a pleasant surprise to receive such a high quality product. Proactive Baby brand is a great discovery to me and, in my experience, Proactive Baby = Super Quality. Both, my baby and I, are very comfortable while using this carrier at home and outside - we are loving it! It offers everything that I've been looking for in a baby carrier. True Value for Money!

Laura Day

I really love it. It looks very comfortable. I 've tried it and it's great. Customer service is also great. I had some queries regarding product they helped in a lot with all the queries and made me first satisfied for buying. I really appreciate work of Proactive Baby.