BABYJOY Rocking Bassinet - 2 in 1 Lightweight Travel Cradle

Our Baby Joy Rocking Bassinet Care Your Child With Love And Responsibility

Why Our Baby Joy Bassinet 2 In 1  Lightweight Travel Cradle Be Your First Choice?

2 IN 1 Convertible Rocking Mode : It can be used as a baby crib or a bassinet. It is made possible by the baby bassinet's bottom rails. Turn the rails of the bassinet travel to change the mode quickly and easily to fit a variety of needs. Our baby Crib is quite Convenient for fulfilling parent's as well as the infant’s needs.

Detachable & Washable Cloth : There are no seasonal limitations while using this baby bassinet because the cloth is removable and washable. In Summer You Can Remove the cloth covering and let the smooth and airy fabric free, which allows your baby to breathe through the fabric and feel the pleasant wind. When it gets cold, zip the soft mini cloth, which is covered with a 4/5" thick sponge. Because the mattress is washable and keeps it clean at all times. Our baby Joy Bassinet Let your baby sleep peacefully and comfortably

Lightweight And Durable : With a weight of only 16 pounds, the BABY JOY Baby travel bassinet is easy to transport on any journey. It will be a useful companion for both you and your child since it is made of aluminum pipes, wrapped in breathable cloth, and filled with a soft, comfortable mattress for your child. Now You Have Got A Perfect Travel Friendly and Portable Baby Bassinet For Your Little One.

Easy to Set Up And Fold Up - The Baby crib is simply Made to set up and fold up, making it ideal for lengthy journeys and short visits with family and friends, and also for convenient travelling, an Extra carry bag is included. This is a Perfect Baby Bed that Keeps your baby comfy and Happy while Sleeping or Travelling. This makes it the best baby crib in the market.

Some More Parameters of Baby Joy Rocking Bassinet/Crib 2-in-1 Lightweight Travel Cradle:

Detachable Cloth

While using this rocking bassinet, there are no season limits.
Remove the surrounding cloth and leave the smooth, airy fabric alone, allowing your baby to breathe through the fabric and feel the mild wind.

2 IN 1 Rocking Mode

Turn the wheels to change the mode quickly and easily to fit various needs.
Use it as a rocking or a secure crib.

Sturdy and Lightweight 

This bassinet is made of metal pipes and is strong and long-lasting.
With a weight of about 16 pounds, this bassinet is easy to transport on any journey.

Travel-Friendly Baby Crib/Bassinet

Our crib folds up in a few simple steps, making it ideal for longer journeys as well as brief visits to family and friends.  For simple travelling and storage, an Oxford carry bag is provided.

Product Specifications :

  • Color: Gray and Beige
  • Material: Aluminum + Micro-Fabric + Sponge
  • Size: 37.5 x 23.0 x 28.0"
  • Size of upper part: 34.0 x 20.0 x 16.0"
  • Size of carrying bag: 22.5 x 9.0 x 20.0"
  • Weight Capacity: 33 lbs
  • Suitable for Babies: 0-6 Months

Thanks To Our Happy Customers


Love It!

"This is a really good buy! The quality supersizing amazing, I love how easy it is to clean if my son burps up on it( which he doe quit a bit and that's the reason why I tucked a blanket over padding). Which also are very think and feels very comfortable. I love how high the walls are too. My little is at the age where he loves to turn onto in belly. So it's nice that it has very high walls so he can't pull himself up and over! Also the length of the bed is amazing. I have a 25.25 inch baby and it's hard to find things that he will fit in and still have room to move around in and grow. So I love that fact that it's a good length! As you will see in the second picture. I also wish found this sooner!"

- Meryan


Highly Recommended

"My baby loves his bassinet! I know some babies will only sleep in bed with the parent(s) and my baby is one of those babies! He will not let me put him down but this bassinet is close to our bed so when he falls asleep I move him to it and when he fusses I just over and put my hand on his back so he thinks he's right there with us. It rocks very slightly as well which is great but my baby doesn't care for it so I keep it on the stable legs instead. Super easy to assemble, I didn't need to look at the directions! Only suggestion is to put a soft blanket down and tuck it under the sides so it's nice and tight. The fabric isn't super soft on the bottom and when I try to put him in it without our soft blanket down, the fabric feels cold to him. Other than that I will keep this forever and gift to someone in the future!"

- Marvel


Question: Is It Good For A Newborn?
Answer: Yes, I thought it was an excellent bassinet for my newborn.

Question : Can The Legs Be Removed?
Answer: Just the lower parts of the legs.

Question : What is the Height of the Bassinet Bottom / Mattress to floor?
Answer: Hi, the mattress thickness is 0.8’’ and the height of the bassinet to the floor is 28’’.
Question : Do we Get more Color Options?
Answer : Yes , Gray and Beige Are There In Colors.

Question : What It's Inner Material?
Answer : It is Made up of Aluminum + Micro-Fabric + Sponge.

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