Gyro Spill-Proof Baby Bowl

Gyro Spill-Proof Baby Bowl

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Gyro Spill-Proof Baby Bowl

Gyro Spill-Proof Baby Bowl

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Color: Green

Product Description:

Prevent Spills & Messy Food Stains

Made with a revolutionary spill-proof design, the Baby Spill-Proof Bowl will prevent unfortunate spills after mealtimes. 
This makes you worry less about your baby's clothes and food stains. Goosh, it came to help us all parents.

Rotating Anti-Spill Design

The Baby Spill-Proof Bowl comes with an anti-spill design where the inner bowl rotates 360° in gyroscopic motion to keep dry food inside from spilling. Designed to be handled by a baby, the Baby Spill-Proof Bowl can be spun 360 degrees so that the open side always stays up, keeping the contents in the bowl and off of your floor.

 This is the perfect partner for new parents or parents with a toddler. This saves parents from always clearing the spilled food and keep our cute babies filled.

Now you can safely fill the bowl with cereal, veggies, or nuts and not worry about any spillage! It has 3 handles for easy carrying & a lid to cover food when not in use.

Durable & Safe for Kids

This feeding bowl is made of 100% food-grade PP material, FDA-approved & BPA-free, making it safe for kids. The Baby Spill-Proof Bowl simply won't break, crack, discolor, warp, melt or flake away.

This is simply the best investment a new parent can make for their babies.

"Easy to clean and dishwasher safe"

Gently wash it in warm water or put it in a dishwasher. Hassle-free cleaning within seconds - anytime, anywhere.

Eye-catching design

The colorful planet Saturn-like design is so eye-catching that even picky eater kids will be attracted to it.

Once you give it to your kid, it will never leave it, and always want food in this only! 


Size: 6.63" x 6.63" x 2.73" inch (17 x 17 x 7 cm)
Material: BPA-free
Dishwasher safe

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Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Sean Reed

its very fast dilivery thank you very much

Sean Reed

We really like this bowl.

I read some of the less than stellar reviews, and I decided to purchase and give it a try. I think the important thing to remember here is that it this is not intended to be 100% spill proof... It is still a bowl after all. I have had spills with this bowl, but less than normal for snack foods, and I'll take it. I've picked up fewer snacks today than I have I in previous days, and for me, this is a win. This is designed to help the spills when a bowl is picked up suddenly, and if your kid puts their hand in there and prevents the bowl from rotating, it will spill. But hey, he likes it, and so do I. I love that it came with a lid, too. Here's to cleaning up 5 outta 10 messes..... Instead of 10 outta 10. ;)

Toddlers are fun, arent they?

Michelle Beck

I purchased the bowls for my 2 small grandkids. When they would come over they would make a mess with their snacks usually all over my floor I saw this product on facebook and ordered it. I absolutely love it no more massive cleanups !!!

Johnston Daniel

I was concerned about weight of the backpack but it is light weight and easy to use.

Johnston Daniel

All works as it should be. I recommend it to other parents. :)