Baby Safety Socket Cover Plug

Proactive Baby

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If your baby safety is your concern then you at right place to find solution!

These electrical safety outlet cover are perfect for new parents whose baby or kids keep on trying put fingers in the electricity switch outlet. We know as parent we have to be always cautious to keep our eyes on babies/kids so that they don't harm themselves and it is a task which keeps us in stress but we wanted to have a solution for the electricity, as our baby always tries to put his finger in these outlets and we always were concerned about him. Then after research we found this product and we came to know that many of the parents don't know something like this exists so we wanted to show it to the parents and after getting positive response in our local market we thought of listing it on proactive baby's official website and the response we got is mind blowing.

If you are also a parent and wanted to live stress-free life try our electricity shock proof socket cover for baby electricity safety.


  • Your LO safety is our priority: It covers electricity outlet cover which prevents kids from electric shock, keep baby 100% safe.
  • Buy once and keep it for long life : Made of premier ABS material, wear-resisting & scratch-resistant for long-lasting use.
  • Easy to Install: Simply to install, just insert in the open socket and push firmly in place, but the kid won't pull them out.
  • Useful in Cold also You can also use these covers as socket sealers to prevent cold drafts in the winter.
  • Particularly useful for U.S-type socket.

 Proactive Baby

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