BOAVISION Baby Monitor Camera With Built-In Lullabies

 Treat Yourself With Baby Monitor To Watch Over Toddlers And Enjoy Your Own Quality Time 😊Why You Must Buy Our Best Baby Monitor:

Baby Monitor - Best baby monitor comes with guaranteed privacy. There is no Wi-Fi or app pairing. Each VTech monitor, which has been trusted by US families for more than three decades, is sent through a secure internal 2.4GHz channel with FHSS technology, ensuring that you are the only one who can hear and see your kid.

260m Transmission Distance - The best baby monitor has a transmission range of up to 160 feet/50 meters indoors and 850 feet/250 meters outdoors. You might utilize the built-in lullabies or the two-way speak back intercom capability to calm your baby at any time.

Built-In 8 Lullabies & Two Way Talk - Built-in lullabies may assist parents in soothing their infant to sleep. Lullabies and two-way communication, Lull your baby to sleep with two soothing songs and two sets of ambient noises. Furthermore, best baby monitor offers 2-way speak back, allowing your kid to hear your voice no matter where you are.

Automatic Night Vision - The 2.8" display reveals your lovely baby's entire body - no movement is obscured. Do you require further information? The camera may zoom up to two times. Best baby monitor also allows you to care for your infants in the dark while keeping an eye on them all night.

Temperature Monitoring - The temperature sensor incorporated inside the baby camera will transmit a warning to the parent unit. Notifies you when it is time to adjust the thermostat. With the Temperature Sensor, through this best baby monitor you can monitor your baby's room temperature throughout the day and help to care for his or her health.

Battery Life Of Up To 24 Hours ( In VOX Mode) -The best baby monitor contains a battery. It is powered by a battery or a power charger. The camera does not come with a battery. It only works with a power charger. This gadget allows you to simply watch your kid throughout the night with up to 19 hours of video streaming on a single battery. During the day, the guaranteed extended operation range of this monitor system up to 1,000 feet allows you to go about your day while being connected with your kid from another room or even the yard.

Adjustable Baby Unit - Easily best baby monitor Switch Angles And Directions. Recognizing that your sleep is as vital as your baby's, the monitor's screen may be turned off and the sound muffled to provide you with the necessary silence while also saving electricity. The screen will automatically switch back on if it detects any sound exceeding your VOX settings. The parent unit's 3-level sound indication may visibly inform you when your baby is crying.

Multilingual Support - This Best baby Monitor functions in many languages, below are as mentioned. English / French / Spanish / Portuguese / Italian / German / Turkey / Russian.

Simple To Install Plug & Play - This best baby monitor has  parent unit camera pre-configured for monitoring - no pairing or connections are necessary. The camera may be desk-mounted or wall-mounted. We can provide four different types of plugs: EU plugs, US plugs, AU plugs, and UK plugs. We will give you the proper power supply for your country; if you have any particular requirements, please let us know.


* The monitor has a rechargeable battery and also works with a power adapter.
* The camera has no internal battery and only works with a power adapter.
Using Methods:
Step 1: connect the mains socket to get start the baby unit, a blue light led will display when working
Step 2: charging the parent unit fully before using, press and hold the power key at least 3 seconds to turn on it
Step 3: place the baby unit in a convenient location and adjust the camera until you are satisfied with the image in the parent unit

Size Available: This size is for an estimation. If you need any assistance from our team to figure out what is exact size is  suitable for your needs, please contact to our team on Facebook chatbot below or contact us by clicking here. Our Team would surely love to guide you for the best buying experience.

What Our Customers Say About Us!

"Great baby monitor if you on a budget? I really don't understand why people are saying this monitor isn't all that. This monitor is great for the price. No WIFI needed which is a plus in today's world with crazy people hacking cameras. You can talk through the camera. You can also mute the volume. No the picture isn't crystal clear but I can see my daughters movements and the designs on her pillow and bedsheets. This is a great camera if you just need something on a budget to get the job done. I haven't ran it all night but the battery life is great in my opinion, I've used it up to 7 times for about 1.5-2 hours each time and haven't had to charge it yet. I did have to charge the screen upon arrival but it only took about 2-2.5 hours. I have no issues with my device. If you are looking for a camera that you can turn and do a 360 this doesn't do that. I just play my camera at an angle to see everything".
Dashan Johnson
"Picks up ANY noise, such a great price too! Our house is pretty small, so when my 4 month old is asleep I can usually hear him cry when I'm in another room. Recently I got a new exercise bike that I wanted to work out on during the mornings. Because it's a little loud I was worried I wouldn't be able to hear the baby when he woke up. I looked online and tried to find the best deal and this one seemed to be everything that I needed. I didn't need anything to fancy, just something where I could see my baby, and hear when he woke up.


1Q: How does the 2 camera system work? Can I monitor 2 kids with just 1 monitor?
Answer: Jennifer - The capability to manually switch the view between the cameras using the parent unit. It also has the Patrol Mode feature that allows the parent unit to automatically switch the view from one baby unit to another every after 10 seconds. For more inquiries, you may contact our Customer Support. Thank you! 
2Q: The camera needs to be connected to an outlet all the time?
Answer: Hi- Yes, camera requires connection to an AC power to operate. Thank you!
3Q: Is there a way to boost the range distance ?
Answer: Hi - The monitor does not have any accessory device that can boost the signal. The actual operating range of the baby unit may vary depending on the environmental conditions and other interferences such as walls, doors and other obstructions. Thank you

Product Specifications.

Working Temp: -10 to 45 Celsius degrees
Wireless Range: 50m Indoor, 260m Outdoor
Screen: 2.4 Inch Color LCD Display
Power adapter: EU plug
Power: Rechargeable battery
Feature: Power Saver, Temperature Monitoring, Portable
Feature: Music, Intercom, LCD Display
Display Screen Size: 2.4 Inch
Battery: 750mAh Li-polymer battery

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