BabyWhale™ Neck Swimming Ring

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Now Baby Bath will Not be Crying... will be Enjoying!

Do your baby cry at the time of bath?... If yes then The BabyWhale™ Neck Swimming Ring is a perfect choice for you.
Babies cry at the time of bath because babies don't know how to act in water and don't know we should close eyes and nose in the water.... this product makes it almost impossible to get water in eyes and nose automatically without even thinking.

Let's Defy Gravity and Play!

Once your baby is wearing The BabyWhale™ Neck Swimming Ring, the baby is completely free to play in the water with cute hands and legs😍. This becomes a very beautiful and cute moment to see as a parent when your cute little one tries to defy gravity using this ring.
Your baby will love water and will not leave it soon... which sometimes ends up making the baby tired and sleep immediately.  This gives you time to take a long nap cause when you a mom, sleep is not possible 😅 to nap is the only option.


100% Safety and Quality Guaranteed! 

It is made with Environmental Friendly PVC  material. This protects children's skin, does not damage the cervical spine, suitable for children aged 0-3 Year. It mainly depends on the neck circumference (please measure your baby's neck circumference when purchasing).

BabyWhale™ Neck Swimming Ring is specially designed to give 100% comfort to your baby while giving complete protection. It has a double airbag which makes it highly durable. It has a cartoon pattern on the neck so that the baby's neck can adjust quickly and the baby has a comfortable neck without any pain. It has a dual safety lock for baby protection. It has bells, so the baby keeps playing with the bells, and it creates a sweet sound. It has twin safety handles which makes it easy to pick.


Baby Perfect Partner for This Summer! 

This swimming ring is an ideal companion for children in the bathtub/swimming pool. It is a perfect partner for your baby's summer entertainment, summer pool parties. Use these colorful round floats to add more fun to your summer! This is an ideal gift for your child.



Easy to Use!

Steps to Use This are given Below in the Video:

1. Open Neck Ring.

2. Inflate Neck Ring with mouth or Click here to get our Handy Air Pump.

3. Then Unstrap Safety Strap from Neck ring.

4. Now wear it on Baby and close the safety strap. Baby is ready to splash in the water.


"Bathtime has never been so fun! LO was LOVING the freedom to splash, kick & wiggle where ever he wanted!. I would Highly recommend to all parents whose baby cry at bath time."
- Veronica Malcovia
(Verified Buyer)

"I was able to interact & see her enjoyment in the water in a new way and I was completely surprised. She gently moved through the water & I loved watching her enjoy the warmth every second."
- Rossey 
(Verified Buyer)

"Mommas! This is a must have! We struggled with bath time because she always puts water in her eyes or nose…LIFE CHANGER!”. 
(Verified Buyer)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the size of the ring, and how to check to fit properly?

This is a perfect fit for Babies under Age 3 Years. Our Inner circle size is 9 cm (3.5 inches). Ideally, it should be fitting to your baby's neck if the age is within three years, but we would request you to check the size of your baby's neck. If you need any assistance, our team would be more than happy to help you out. Just click here or send a mail at


Does this eliminate my physical supervision of the baby in the water?

We, ProactiveBaby, are clearly mentioning, This Product does not mean that parents can leave babies in the water without any supervision. This product will help parents in bath time and swimming time of baby that does not mean it guarantees 100% Safety. We can assure you that it will not have any defects. But we request all the parents to keep the baby under complete supervision and don't rely entirely on this product.


Material: High-quality PVC  Material
Size:  15.5" x 3.5" x 3.5" inches (39 x 9 x 9 cm)
Weight: 3.9 oz 


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jordan Pearson

I loved it. Very easy to use, good quality. Reached very quickly. Highly Recommended. Proactive Baby support team is really good to treat customers and immediately helps.

Andrew Andrews

Product is of Highly quality... Solve exact purpose as shown on Video. My baby now loves taking bath. He used to hate it. Thanks

Gordon Sandra

Delivered fast, the product is good, thank you. I highly recommend to parents. It is truly Value for money.

Hansen Raymond

Gifted to my Grand children's. They haven't tried it on the baby yet. But it's just like the picture. I hope they will Love it.

Robertson Kathy

It works like wonder I cannot tell how it helps during baby bath time. My baby hate water and don't even like to go inside but now it loves to do splash inside bath tub.