AssistWalk™ Baby Walker I Baby Walking Harness I Handheld Kids Walker Helper

AssistWalk™ Baby Walker I Baby Walking Harness I Handheld Kids Walker Helper

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AssistWalk™ Baby Walker I Baby Walking Harness I Handheld Kids Walker Helper

AssistWalk™ Baby Walker I Baby Walking Harness I Handheld Kids Walker Helper

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Color: Sky Blue

Product Description:

Proactive Baby
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Make your Baby Walking in Few Days! 

This Baby Walker, Assists babies for learning walking really soon. It is designed for babies learning to walk, It provide special assistance to babies with side straps. Babies and Parents walk together and laugh together.... this makes good bond between parents and babies. Babies love to use it again and again which end up babies walking by themselves.
It is specially designed for babies who are learning to walk. If you are baby is learning to walk buy it first and thanks us later.

Some details of our AssistWalk™ Baby Walker

  • Benefits to Parents : Prevent Back Pain of parents, Comfortable to use, sturdy and great quality material!

  • Say Goodbye to Backaches: Make your life easier and bid goodbye on painful backaches from leaning and bending over while holding your baby’s hands. With this walking harness, you can easily assist your baby’s walking without breaking your back. Enjoy more quality time together and practice walking for a very long duration.
  • Help Boosts Confidence: This walking assistant belt will help your baby gain confidence as he will think he is actually walking on his own. You can let the baby walk at her own pace and help her get over her fears of falling down. This confidence will quickly developed into walking independently.

  • Multi-Functional Design: This walking assistant is specifically designed to provide more control, not just for you, but for your baby. With its 4-in-1 multifunctional style, you can adjust the walker according to the needs of your baby’s age. Its functions are as follows: Lift-with-Crotch for Start-to-Stand, Lift-without-Crotch for Ready-to-Walk, Pull-with-Crotch for Walk-with-Stumble, Pull-without-Crotch for Self-Walking.
  • Easy to Use: This baby harness is very user-friendly and comes with a user-manual to help you use it efficiently. The straps are adjustable so it is easy to put on and take off and it can fit your baby’s size, from chest to shoulder, to make sure he has more stability and balance.

  • High-Quality Material: Made with cotton and mesh, this safety handheld walker assures not just the safety of your baby while learning to walk, but also assures that the baby is comfortable and the material can ventilate air. It is made with strong and durable material- no tears or breaks from continuous walking practice.  

Proactive Baby

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Roman Barton


Meredith Williamson

Sent for 1 week at the cashier Pyaterochka

Terrell Larkin

Came quickly, until they tried (the child is still small).

Gay Murray

Useless thing, presses under the arms, and how Buto will fly out

Hipolito Prohaska

Thanks for the "leash"! For an active child-a wonderful thing that will help the older generation, and parents to help and control the child.