COBCO 2 in 1 Postpartum Belly Belt

New Moms Can Now Get The Best Postpartum Belly Wrap & Reduce Their Belly Fat

Why You Must Buy Our 2 in 1 Postpartum Support Wrap:

Breathable & Comfortable Material -At the time of postpartum recovery process, one set of postpartum girdles will meet all of your needs.  It is breathable and comfortable with  High quality lightweight cloth waist  cincher for women. This postpartum belly belt helps with the posture correction. It also prevents the belly band from rolling up when you sit or move, and it's quite comfy and easy to clean. For joyful mommies, this postpartum belly wrap is breathable and composed of chemical-free cotton.

Multifunctional - Essentials for Postpartum Recovery, helps in the recovery of your body after birth. This postpartum belly band helps in the reduction of swelling, the support of core abdominal muscles, and the restoration of the uterus to its former size as soon as possible. It also makes you look thinner right away, giving you more confidence and making you feel better after having a baby. This postpartum belly wrap will assist new mums in reducing postpartum belly fat and slimming their waistlines.

Adjustable & Perfect Gift for Moms - Allows you to put it on yourself with equal pull on both sides, modify how tight you want it without removing the band, and keep you supported for a long time. It is an excellent gift for new mothers or anyone who has undergone a medical procedure that has resulted in loose skin and back pain. Boning is also put in to support the lower back and enhance posture during breastfeeding. This postpartum belly wrap is adaptable to fulfill the needs of the moms and is a best product to gift new mommies. 

Quick Recovery & Remove Discomfort - Helps in the transition of the uterus to its normal size, supports the lower back and holds the tummy in place, redefines the waistline, and relieves back pain. This postpartum belly wrap helps in maternity recovery as well as discomfort relief.

Size Available : These sizes are for an estimation. If you need any assistance from our team to figure out what is exact size is  suitable for your needs, please contact to our team on Facebook chatbot below or contact us by clicking here. Our Team would surely love to guide you for the best buying experience. 

Product Description:

Professional Postpartum Belly Band Support Recovery Belly Wrap Waist/Pelvis Belt Body Shaper Postnatal Shapewear

Updated version 2 in 1 Postpartum Belly Band Postpartum Belly Wrap Waist/Pelvis Belt Body Shaper Postnatal Shapewear.

Our postpartum belly wrap is made of high-quality fiber that is skin-friendly, comfy, and lightweight.
Soft and light enough to comfortably sit or lie down. Stretchy enough to give you the right amount of compression. Long enough to cover the abdomen and with two closures that allow for a wide range of size adjustment.

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1)It is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

2)If you're having trouble with the tightening or the length of time you're using it, try adjusting the tightening or reducing the length of time you're using it.

3)Wash it thoroughly before using it for the first time.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Hand washing in cold water and hanging to dry is strongly advised. If you have any questions or concerns concerning the 2 in 1 postpartum belly band, please contact us. We hope you never need it, but if you do, our service is courteous and painless.

More details

Mesh fabric that is both breathable and stretchy. Suitable for all types of C-sections and natural births.

Adjustable hook and loop allows you to put it on yourself and pull is equal on both sides, allowing you to modify how tight you want it without removing the band, and keeping you supported for a long time.

Craftsmanship in technology is exceptional. Exceptional high-end quality.


"This wrap has been the best purchase I have made for myself. I had a C-section at 36 weeks due to complications and this wrap has help the healing process greatly. This was my second pregnancy, my first was a natural birth. With my first it took me months to get my belly to look this good. These pictures are 7 days postpartum with the results of wearing the wrap. I started wearing a light belly wrap in the hospital and upgraded to this heavy duty to wear during the daytime and the light wrap at night. Don’t hesitate and buy it!!"



Will this help baby fat go away after having a baby ?
Two months later I am back at my pre baby weight. I am breastfeeding, eating healthy and started using this belt two weeks after being discharged. FYI I had a C-section and I feel this belt has helped with flattening my belly while offering support without hurting the incision area ( Proactive baby customer ) 

Product Specifications ( product details )

Item Type: Belly Bands & Support
Gender: WOMEN
Fabric Type: Broadcloth
Color Style: Natural Color
Age Range: Maternity

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