Parenting Leader Review: 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge

Parenting Leader Review: 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge

Parenting Leader is one of the most popular parent-help platforms. Started by child psychologist Derek Mitchell, it is a program dedicated to fostering calm yet effective parenting. 

The team of professionals include:

  • Rachel Williams, a family therapist from Minnesota whose work is focused on strengthening family bonds.
  • Jessica Sullivan, a child psychologist from Kansas with experience in using empathy to redefine the parenting experience.
  • Amanda Lawson from Washington who has a background in social work and art therapy, bringing creativity to communication. 

The 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge is their brainchild and guarantees to turn you from an abrasive parent into a more effective one, improving your family life and building an environment where your kids can feel safe, heard and loved.

After extensively testing it out, here's my honest review of the challenge and how it can change your parenting. 

28-Day No-Yelling Parenting Challenge Overview

This challenge seeks to help you transition from resorting to yelling, aggression, and bribes to get your kids to listen, into using more effective parenting tools over a period of 28 days.

While yelling may seem like the best method to get your children to obey, many guardians testified that it made them feel guilty. It also does a number on your relationship with your kids and their self-assurance.

This challenge includes:

  • Daily Lessons:

These are bite-sized videos and resources on different family issues that you can watch on the go.

  • Tips and tricks for navigating a wide range of parenting dilemmas, no matter the age group of your child.
  • Expert advice on frequently asked questions and common household issues.
  • Practical examples to help you imbibe what you've learned in specific situations.
  • A parenting diary to help you keep track of and share your progress.

My Personal 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge Review

On receiving the challenge package, I discovered that Parenting Leader also included free bonus resources for kids' support and progress monitoring.

  • Day 1.

The resources focused onpromoting composure. Here, you learn that everyone has certain aggression triggers, how to identify them, to understand why they set you off and how to navigate them with time, and become a more peaceful parent.

  • Day 4.

By this time, yelling already reduces because you're able to identify when your triggers begin to come on and so you can nip them in the bud. The program today focuses onbecoming stress resistant. You learn how you transfer your day's irritations and frustrations into dealing with your kids. They also include alternative ways to deal with your stress outside of the home so that you can keep your calm in it.

  • Day 10.

For those with kids who throwtemper tantrums, this lesson was especially helpful. It gave insightful methods to get your children to do what they don't want to without any resentment. 

  • Day 13.

Screentime is at an all-time high among growing children. And so this lesson touched on all the different techniques you can use to get your kids to cut down on their use of technology. In place of that, they can turn to healthier ways to spend quality family time with each other, as well as get to understand themselves and their interests better.

  • Day 20.

For parents with kids who never seem to go to bed early without a war, this was a game changer. It was one simple trick, and yet its effectiveness was almost too good to believe. 

  • Day 24.

Sibling rivalry and animosity are common issues in many families, and so it was refreshing to see an entire lesson dedicated to countering that. Today's lesson included practical ways to get your children to work as a team, look out for each other, and cooperate with one another. You get really clever ways to get them to genuinely support and care for each other over time.

  • Day 27.

With the hostile home environment almost completely transformed, this lesson gives gems on how you can create the optimum family environment for your kids to be their best selves. 

Childhood is arguably the most formative part of a kid's life, and so this lesson really delved into how you can strengthen family bonds and relationships, thereby making your home a warm, loving, and safe space for raising fine adults and members of society. It also includes interactive activities that make all you’ve learnt a living reality in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is it Worth it?

  • The challenge was purchased for $28 at a 79% discount, and I can say I got a lot more value for my money. So yes, for anyone who wants a healthier, more effective means of getting things done around the house or just wants a warmer and more confident family life for their kids, this is definitely a worthy investment.

  • How Has it Changed My Relationship with My Kids?

  • My kids trust me more and they can't wait to tell me about their day. Before this, I knew they saw me as the angry parent and so never approached me for anything. Dinners at the table used to be silent. Now, they're slowly warming up to me and everyone is happier.

  • How Has it Changed Me as a Parent?
  • Before Parenting Leader, there was a constant feeling of guilt I carried

     around because of how much I yelled and how much resistance I met from my children. It broke me to see my kids flinch when they heard me raise my voice and I'd resolve not to do it again, but I would because it seemed like the only way they would listen.

    After using the No-Yelling Challenge and tracking my progress, I finally feel like I'm doing right by my kids and I'm more confident in my ability as their guardian.


    Parenting can be tough and many guardians go through life feeling inadequate because they don't get the results they want in their kids. You're not alone and you don't have to keep going through that cycle of doubting or second-guessing yourself. Parenting Leader's 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge is simply for every parent who wants the best life for their child.

    So if you're searching for effective tools to handle your child’s behavior, build a healthier domestic life, or just seek to become a better role model for your kids, this challenge is definitely a good place to start.