Renovating the children's space: how to update the nursery without spending a lot of money

Working on the children's space, especially the renewal of the nursery is a wonderful project that every parent can add to their bucket list. On the other hand, a misconception that the reformation is costly often accompanies it. In truth, there are a lot of pocket-friendly solutions to improve the nursery and make it a cozy, beautiful space for your baby to grow. This article will be really helpful if you are not a sheikh from the UAE, and need some tips and ideas on how to transform a nursery on a budget.

Assess the Current Space

Before anything else, you must examine the current condition of the nursery. Keep what is required to be refreshed, what can be used differently, and what items can be saved. This will lead you to make your renovation plans more specific and put emphasis on the spaces that need the most attention.

Declutter and Organize

Perhaps the most economical solution to revamping a nursery is to get rid of superfluous stuff and organize the room. Get rid of anything that you do not use, make the storage solutions more clear, and create a more organized and convenient layout. This is a subtle change that may appear to be insignificant but it will affect how the nursery looks and feels.


A new coat of paint can make an entire room appear completely different and fresh. By selecting to paint an accent wall in an interesting color or picking a neutral one that can complement the child’s growth, you can create an inviting space. A paint job in the nursery is a great way to embellish the room and could be achieved in just a day or two.

Use DIY Projects

Be creative and work on some DIY projects to repaint or redecorate the room on a budget. You can use your brain to design wall art pieces, customize storage spaces, or refurbish furniture with a new color of  furniture upholstery. DIY activities not only save us money but also give us a space that shows who we are.

Handmade wall art such as paper-mache bowls, fabric bunting, and wooden letters that are painted all are low-budget DIY projects that when done using your own hands add a unique and personal look. 

Repurpose Furniture

Do not buy the new furniture; instead, get the pieces in the nursery and use them after turning them around. An old wardrobe given new life with brand-new paint, new hardware or upholstered furniture can easily turn a tired living room into a restful refuge. Let your imagination go wild when it comes to the spaces in the decoration so that you get the best functionality and style.

Add Personal Touches

Mix and match the nursery's scope by adding pieces that you will love to feel this way. Feature a wall of family pictures, make a gallery wall out of art pieces, or introduce permanent items of great value like those in a family history book. Personal touches can elevate the nursery's design without costing a lot of money.

Use Temporary Decor

Adhesive decor items such as removable wallpaper, wall decals, and washable rugs are fantastic options for improving the appearance of the nursery without leaving permanent traces. Identical items are budget-friendly, not difficult to install, and are meant to be easily replaced for a longer duration as your kid grows. Their tastes may also fluctuate over time.

Focus on Lighting

The effect of lights on any space is immeasurable. Natural light gives a sense of luxury, this can be observed on examples of interiors and exteriors of Dubai. Better lighting means a better interior. Try to encompass the calming effect by using not too harsh, but gentle lighting options like floor lamps, string lights, or night lights. Light transformation is rather of lesser value and may lead to impressive changes in the general design.

Repaint or Refurbish Existing Furniture

For furnishing the nursery, especially if you have existing furniture that seems to no longer in style and tired, then a good move would be to repaint or refurbish them instead of having new ones. It is possible to restore the aged look of your furniture with a new paint coat, installation of new hardware, or putting new upholstery.

Create DIY Decor

Be adventurous and come up with your personal touch to your baby’s nursery. There are self-made types of projects such as tailored wall art, fabric bunting, or painted wooden letters can look wonderful without costing anything. Seek motivation online and do not worry about splurging on costly items as creative ideas with inexpensive materials exist.

Shop Sales 

While home decor shopping should be done in small doses to stay within budget, watch out for sales, clearance events, and discounts when you want to change up the nursery. You can find great discounts on beds, bedding, room decor, and office items options at affordable prices and you can still be able to create the look that you desire for the space.

Swap or Borrow Items

Should you have any friends or relatives with one or more kids, do not hesitate to ask them to share some nursery stuff or lend them to use them. This could be a cost-effective way to replace deteriorating furniture with new items or, if necessary, simply to substitute items (for example, swing chairs or accessories) without spending too much money.

Add Textiles

Fabrics like curtains, rugs, and throw pillows can emanate the right feelings with little cost, you only need to bear in mind colors, textures, and ultimately, warmth. Budget for such funky patterns and colors to bring some life to your area. They should also match the rest of the room’s design.

Invest in Multifunctional Pieces

Not disregarding that, go for versatile furniture in the toddler bedroom that performs more than one operation. Take, for instance, a changing table that is also a dresser or a crib that has built-in storage. Both designs reduce costs and increase functionality without limiting space usage.

Update Window Treatments

Installing new curtains or any other window treatment will give the whole room a brand-new image and look. Find within the budget, fun and colorful motifs, or shades that you can tie in with the current room design theme.

Repurpose Baby Items

As your kid grows, suddenly cribs, the changing station, or even the rocker may be not useful in the room anymore. Consider using things like dressers or nightstands to help with the storage of clothing or redoing them into new furniture for the nursery.

Create Zones

Subdivide a nursery into areas specific for sleeping, playing, changing, and storage for the most functional and organized use of the space. Apply area rugs, shelving, or room dividers to delimit and form these zones. Create separate areas within each zone for specific activities you prefer.

Using these efficient budget-friendly techniques, you can take an imaginative leap and easily rebuild the children's space without spending all your money.