Inflatable Baby Neck Floats Risks and Should You Use If You Have Better Options

Inflatable Baby Neck Floats Risks and Should You Use If You Have Better Options

"Experts say they can potentially pose a risk of drowning your baby."

You love your baby wherever they are, from kicking in the air or having tummy time, and this makes you always be with your cute little one even if you are going to the swimming pool in the summer… And in the search, you come to find an Inflatable baby neck float which is always trending on social media.


What Experts Have to Say

"Any air-filled floaties can potentially deflate, putting kids at risk of drowning. The inflatable neck floats are even worse because they put deflation risk and the risk of choking and air suffocation, which puts the baby's life in danger."

-Dr. John Sergie ( Director of AAP)

"Neck floats for babies scare me to death, and I hope they scare parents. These are potential death traps... To have your precious baby one poorly sealed seam away from going under at the pool is frightening." 

-Kyran Quinlan, Associate Professor of Paediatrics at Rush University Medical Centre and former chair of the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) 


What Is Our Take On This?

Even if the neck floats are safe and do what the famous companies claim it does, there are still some visible risks like deflation and choking, which should always be considered. Also, the AAP has given proper guidelines to follow, and it strictly says that baby neck floats are very dangerous and are prone to make babies drown.

There was a baby's death in China because of inflatable neck floats, and the reason for the same was deflation. You can check out the complete case by clicking here.

Hence we can say there is a risk in using an inflatable baby neck float Then what should we parents do? Let's Find out…

Non-Inflatable Baby Body floats are the Best Baby FloatFor Enjoying This Summer With Your Baby.

Now since we have concluded that inflatable neck floats are having a lot of limitations which can put your baby in the danger of death.

Non-Inflatable Full Body baby floats are the best baby floats.. Because they completely eliminate all the risks that a conventional inflatable neck float has. Let us compare and find out:

Benefits of Non-Inflatable Baby Float

  1. No risk of neck choking: The Non-Inflatable baby floats are made to attach to the baby's body instead of the neck only, and if they are correctly connected to the baby's body, there is no risk of choking. The Mambobaby non-inflatable baby floats have 5 Point harness system that keeps your baby attached to the baby float and keeps them safe and happy. 
  2. No Deflation or Busting: The Non-Inflatable baby floats are not required to inflate as these are made from high-quality pearl material, which is non-inflatable and eliminates the chances of deflation or busting of float.
  3. No-Inflation Required Every Time: The Non-Inflatable baby floats are not required to inflate each time mommy is used which makes them easy to carry and keep because there is no stress on the moms always to have an air-pump or blow them by themselves.
  4. Canopy for Sun Protection: The Non-Inflatable baby float has a shelter with protection UPF 50+ to keep the baby safe from harmful sun rays. This protects your baby in this summertime when the weather is hot, and your baby needs some shade to get sun protection.


Conclusion: We can conclude that even though inflatable baby neck floats are trending, every new parent usually buys them first as they are cheap. But considering the hazards, inflatable neck floats have Non-Inflatable floats that are always recommended to all the moms who want to enjoy this summer with their babies and want to keep them safe and happy!