Infant Day Care: What Parents Need to Know?

Infant Day Care: What Parents Need to Know?

Every parent and caregiver is rightfully concerned about their children especially when they are little babies. While we all want to cuddle with our children all day long, sometimes life gets in the way. I mean, we all have to work, pay our bills, live up to other people’s expectations of us or simply need a little break. That is where infant day care comes to the rescue of parents. However, not all infant day care centers are created equal and here is what you need to know: 

Infant Day Care - How Does it Work? 

Think of  Infant day care is a service that cares for babies aged anywhere from 4-6 weeks up till 18 months of age. They have trained professionals that specialize in handling very young children. Essentially, it is a place for your babies to rest, play, eat, play, and learn a thing or two while feeling loved and cared for. 

Importance of Infant Day Care

Normal day care is very different from infant day care. Babies have special needs of their own. They cannot communicate like older kids. Hence, infant day care has the staff that understands the unique concerns of your little angels. Not only do they care about their eating, feeding, pooping, and sleeping habits but they also offer activities that will help your children achieve their milestones. 

Choosing the One for Your Kid 

Selecting the right Infant Day Care for your child isn't an easy task. We will guide you on choosing the best one. First things first, make sure that the place is super clean, safe, and has a bunch of happy babies. It is an indicator that your child will be happy as well.  Keep a tab on their staff, learn about their trainings, experiences, and ask other parents for reviews as well. 

What to Expect

In a good  infant day care, the schedule will be in alignment with your baby’s needs. Generally, Infant Day Care will offer a schedule that involves play time, sleep time, and activity based learning time. At the end of the day, you will be given a rundown of how your child’s day went. .

Preparing Your Baby

It is a huge change for you and your baby so take things slow. A great way to ease into the process is making sure that they are used to being around other people. Set a routine for them. Make sure they are napping at a specified time, feeding in a particular manner and so on. Once you have their schedule in check, be sure to hand it over to people at Infant Day Care. 

Staying Connected

Most people think that they will miss out on the most incredible part of their children’s life. It doesn't have to be this way. You can still very much stay connected. Most Day Cares will send you short snippets of your baby’s day including videos, pictures. You can also pop-in some days to see how your little one is doing. 

A Few Tips for a Happy Experience

  • Visit First: Don’t settle on the first day care you see. Visit it a couple of times before making the final call. See how caregivers are interacting with other children and maybe get reviews from parents. 
  • Start Slow: You don't have to send your baby to daycare for 6 hours a day. Start slow, maybe an hour in the beginning and gradually build it up. 
  • Pack Essentials: Make sure to pack all the essentials your baby might need: diapers, formula, snacks, their favorite toys, or anything they use and need through the day.
  • Goodbyes and Hellos: Keep goodbyes short and sweet. It is hard. We know it but will surely get easier with time.

Wrapping Up

Infant day care is a great option for working individuals who simply cannot take time off work. They provide proper care, attention, and activities that every baby needs and deserves. This way, parents get to have peace of mind and children thrive. It is a WIN-WIN situation for both.