How to Have a Comfortable Vacation with Your Children

Taking a vacation is something the whole family looks forward to. A time where you can take your kids somewhere magical and show them the wonders of the world. But we also know that kids can be difficult at times. Especially when it comes to travelling long distances. For example, say you find a  full size SUV to rent in Abu Dhabi but the kids don’t like the car? Or, what if the kids get bored in a location and pester you to go somewhere else? Our guide can help make these troubles easier. 


If you ever need and vacation recommendations, you can find plenty of services online. If you plan to take your family, make sure you can get loads of family discounts. A lot of these tourist areas will include plenty of deals expecting you to arrive. You can choose to book them online or by visiting the area directly. Below, we have a total of 10 necessary tips to help you plan for the road ahead. 

1 – Choosing Where to Go

The destination is the first and foremost important checkmark. You need to go somewhere that all the family will enjoy, but especially for the kids. It needs to be somewhere that can entertain them for as long as you intend to stay. The best advice is to speak with your children and see what interests them. You can show them pictures of destinations you plan on visiting and gauging their reaction. Whatever gets the most smiles and wide-eye sparkly will be the perfect signs. 

2 – Keep it Age Appropriate

Remember that since your kids are coming with you, adult activities will be off the menu. If you can get some time away with a babysitter, that is a different story. As long as the kids are with you, however, you need to make sure all activities are appropriate for their age. This includes any physical activities you plan for as well. Heavy physical stuff may be too much for the younger kids. Playtime areas and daycares would be too childish for the older kids. Go through your itinerary and see what works for every kid you plan on bringing. You may be able to do multiple tasks at once if everyone goes to an activity that is suited for them. 

3 – Packing Up

Make sure that you have everything you need to keep the kids entertained. All their essentials must be packed first, since they will no doubt kick up a fuss the loudest. This includes the following: 

  • Toys
  • Games
  • Clothing
  • Swimming wear
  • Diapers
  • Medications
  • Snacks

There are other examples to follow, but these can cover the basics for children. There are also a lot of entertainment equipment that can keep kids busy during the car rides. Be sure to pack them anything that can take their minds of the long journeys. If you forget anything they miss, try to have a reasonable excuse or work towards replacing it. 

4 – Transportation

Travelling can go a lot smoother if you have the right vehicle. For the kids, you will need a vehicle that can carry all your luggage as well as the number of little ones to look after. Renting out an SUV is perfect for car trips. They have enough space to carry the kids in the back and have enough trunk space for suitcases. When travelling to other countries, be sure to get good seats on a plane/bus. Window seats are perfect for kids as it gives them something to look at. Getting to see the sky in a plane can be unforgettable experience for a kid. 

5 – Finding a Place to Stay

Be sure to get a nice accommodation kids will find comfortable. This can include the number of beds you plan to have to support sleeping habits. Some kids may want their individual rooms, but we know this isn’t always viable. Having bunk beds can be a big win for cheaper stays. Kids will love claiming the top bunk to sleep in. Another bonus to look out for is the room service. Getting food delivered or a place to store them will keep the children satisfied. 

6 – Setting a Routine

Having an appropriate bedtime for children is always a must, even at home. This can be even harder to maintain when travelling to other countries. The jet lag and different time zones can make the adjustment a lot harder for bedtime. Be sure to keep to a routine as much as you can for how long you intend to stay. You can set up times where you think it most appropriate for them to sleep. Keep in mind that you are on a vacation, after all. It can be alright if they stay up just a little at times. 

7 – Keeping Them Occupied

Remember the long trips? The biggest challenge when travelling with children is to keep their brains active and entertained for as long as possible. As mentioned earlier, be sure to give them some toys or games to play when they stay in the car for a long time. You can even make up some games to play to interact with them more. Games like I Spy or telling stories is a great way to let time pass by. Before they even realize it, you may already arrive at your destination. 

8 – Stay Focused

Children can often be distracting. The more time you try to tend to them, the more time you may lose. Always keep your family organized so that you can do everything you set out to do. Make an itinerary and stick to it. Try to get the kids to stick to it as well. Get them focused on all the fun things you have planned for them so they can keep to your schedule. Make sure they have everything they need depending on the activity planned. Suncream is the number one priority when exploring sunny places. 

9 – Make Changes Accordingly

Having an itinerary is good, but not always necessary. Children are often fickle and can easily be swayed. Sometimes they may completely change their minds and want to do something very different from what was planned. Try to make some room in the plan for these changes. This can range from booking multiple activities to keeping the schedule completely open. Sometimes it can be best to just explore an area and seeing what is out there. Some kids can find exactly what they are looking for, even if the parents don’t see it first. 


10 – Connect with Your Kids

A lot of stress for parents is struggling to understand what their kids are looking for. A vacation is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with them. Use this time to understand them more deeply and see what interests them the most. Listen to your kids interests. The more you learn, the more you can let them have fun on their own terms. You may gain inspiration on what to buy them for their birthdays or for Christmas. 

This is the final tip in making travelling with children much more comfortable.