Going to baby shower? Here are the gift items you can consider

Going to baby shower? Here are the gift items you can consider

The weeks leading up to the birth of a baby can be stressful and overwhelming. A baby shower is a wonderful opportunity for the parents-to-be to receive gifts and last-minute items that will be useful for the first few months of their baby's life, and it provides a welcome distraction from the anxiety and chaos that can accompany this time in their lives. However, for the guest at the baby shower, the prospect can be intimidating, particularly if they are not familiar with the overall operation of the baby shower. It can be difficult to determine whether you should get your expectant buddy something cute or something practical, something for them or for the new baby (Check: newborn baby gifts). This is especially true if you are working with a limited amount of money.

Due to the extensive amount of baby gear that is required, baby showers are an excellent way to assist new parents in accumulating the basics. It is a wonderful idea to create a baby registry in order to avoid receiving duplicate presents. It is possible for friends to pool their money together in order to purchase pricy products as infant cots, sterilisers, or a lovely toy chest.

People who are having their first child have a tendency to purchase each and every piece of baby equipment that is on the market, only to discover that they don't utilise more than half of them. Those who have more parenting experience are aware that the actual list of necessities is far shorter.

The fact that these products have been meticulously assembled by someone with a keen eye for detail only serves to enhance their value. Also known as "heart-felt" gifts, these items are cherished by the recipients. Moreover, add a bouquet of flowers that signify new beginnings and joy. You can read more to understand what flowers you can get for a baby shower and how to add them to your handmade gifts.

Here is a collection of fantastic gifts that will always be appreciated, in case you'll be attending a baby shower in the near future.

  1. Handmade gifts

At baby showers, handmade baby blankets, hats, booties, and cardigans are among the most popular gifts given to new mothers. The reason for this is that moms believe they were created with care.

It's also common for mothers to give their children heirlooms from their childhood, such as baby clothes or toys from their childhood. Anything their own mothers had saved from their own childhoods is also off limits.

The fact that these products have been meticulously assembled by someone with a keen eye for detail only serves to enhance their value. Also known as "heart-felt" gifts, these items are cherished by the recipients.

Baby garments crocheted by great-great-grandmothers, for example, are sought after. This is especially true if they've been handed down through the generations. Reuniting with these long-forgotten baby keepsakes can be an emotional experience for some mothers who never met their biological relatives before.

  1. Gifts for the mom

Baby moons or gift certificates to dinner or a movie are the most popular gifts for new parents during showers. A lot more so, in fact, if the expectant mother and father have been apart for an extended period of time.

Some mothers credit this baby shower gift with saving their marriage because it included a lunch at a nice restaurant and free childcare for their younger children.

Whether it's a pre-paid massage or spa, a little self-indulgence may go a long way. To that end, there are pregnant pillows that can make the final weeks more bearable while also transforming into useful feeding cushions once your baby is born.

  1. Baby blankets and bedding

Bedding and other items for babies are also very popular among mothers who've had baby showers. When a close relative makes a hand-knit baby blanket for their child, it can be very sentimental for the recipient.

It was a fleece blanket with various satin ribbons and tags around the edges that was the most treasured gift for one mother at her baby shower. She cherished a satin-trimmed blanket from her childhood.

When baby blankets and bedding are on the expectant mother's nursery wish list, friends can give a unique gift. They merely need to buy the present, have it personalised, or have the baby's name stitched on it if they know it already.

  1. Diapers, duh!

Disposable nappies or coupons for cloth diapers are always welcomed gifts. Nappies are all that some moms ask for at a nappy-themed party. Keep in mind, though, that newborn nappies aren't worn for very long, therefore larger sizes are also handy.

Another option is to use plastic containers to hold your baby's clothes, supplies and diapers. When the tubs are empty, they can be used to hold baby supplies or other mementoes.

The highlight of a baby shower might be a diaper cake, which is both useful and beautiful. Cakes made of diapers are known as "diaper cakes," and they are often three-tiered confections embellished with ribbons and plush toys.

  1. Gift vouchers

Practical gifts include gift cards to well-known baby stores or supermarkets. Most of all, this is true for moms who are currently raising a family! One of the best gifts for new mothers is a lump sum that can be used to buy diapers, wipes, and other necessities.

Gift certificates to be used at the local photography studio are another common choice for a gift recipient. It's a keepsake of the people who bought the present and their baby's first month together.

  1. Emergency nappy changing bag

Moms love the idea of an emergency nappy-changing pack that can be kept in the vehicle or pushchair. While you're out and about and think you've forgotten something important, it's a great way to relieve stress.

Napkins, nappy cream, muslins, and a cotton bib are among the most common items in a diaper bag. If you're lucky, you may also find a teething ring, a thermometer, and some baby clothes.

Some moms believe that less is more, therefore they choose for a changing bag that just contains the five essentials they can't leave home without. Upon receiving her little changing bag as a gift, one parent was so delighted that she now purchases one for every friend having a baby shower.

  1. Books

Baby shower guests and mothers-to-be alike adore the concept of a book themed event. Maybe it's because books are a great way for babies to learn and develop their imaginations, both of which are priceless.

For example, you can register at a bookstore and allow guests to select baby-related titles. For gifts, you get books ranging from picture books and childhood classics to parenting books and guidance on kid health and wellness.

Request each attendee to bring a favourite book for newborns or children to share with the other guests.

Books that will lift the spirits of the expectant mother are also nice gifts. In the end, the best approach to deal with minor discomforts like back pain and swollen feet is to laugh about them.

  1. Emergency supplies

The most popular baby shower presents are things that first-time mothers will appreciate. Toiletries and medicines for babies in an emergency are among the items on this list. Bath emollients, petroleum jellies and nappy rash cream are just a few of the items you might find in a newborn first aid kit. Before you buy anything, ensure to read why you should buy organic baby products?

Final Thoughts

Having a baby is a wonderful and demanding experience, and a new mother needs the support of her family and friends during the first few months.. There are many practical presents you can give an expectant mother, such as the phone number of a great postpartum massage therapist, stories about birthing, and offers to babysit. I think those will be the most appreciated gifts of all.

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