Which is the Best Carrier Backpack for Hiking With Your Baby?

Which is the Best Carrier Backpack for Hiking With Your Baby?

If you're looking for the best carrier backpack for hiking, you've come to the right place. This Besrey article today explains what a baby backpack is and what is the best baby backpack for travel. Read on to learn everything you need to know, plus a great option if you are considering buying a baby backpack carrier.

What is a Baby Backpack Carrier?

A baby backpack carrier is a backpack attached to a frame with a 'cockpit' seat that a baby or toddler can sit in. It sits on the shoulders like a regular backpack and the chair your baby sits on. There is usually some storage space too for carrying all the usual items.

While it may seem like an obvious idea if you're planning on taking a little one hiking with you, there are loads of scenarios in which such an item would come in handy.

For example, if you frequently go places your stroller can't go or is inconvenient to take, then a baby backpack carrier is something you should consider owning. It's a great alternative to carrying your baby; trust us on this. You (and your arms) will thank us later.

If you're an active parent with a little one in tow, a baby backpack carrier is a Handy kit to own, and babies love to sit in backpack carriers. They are sitting way higher than in a stroller, and you will often see a smile as they take in their surroundings. 

So read on until the end to find out what is the best baby backpack carrier your hard-earned money can buy.

What Age Can Babies Go in Backpack Carriers?

A baby should be a least 6 months old to sit in a backpack carrier. A Baby's spine must develop enough to support its neck and head without assistance. As for baby weight, backpack carriers are generally most suited to babies weighing 15-25kg (30-55lbs). 

The backpack's weight is usually around 2.5kg (5.5lbs). Some baby backpack carriers may accommodate heavier loads, making it difficult for you to carry them.

Benefits of a Baby Carrier for Travel

In short, a backpack carrier is a very versatile baby item to own. It allows you to carry your baby or toddler for long periods without taking a stroller. It also allows you to have plenty of things too. 

If you're going on vacation with your baby, it is an item to consider buying. But baby backpack carriers aren't just for family vacations. They are instrumental in other situations too. 

A baby backpack carrier eliminates the need to take a stroller or other 'on-body' carrier that a baby may become uncomfortable in, yet still offers an easy way to transport your little one with you.

Where Would You Use a Baby Backpack Carrier?

As mentioned above, this type of baby carrier is usually associated with hiking and is very suited for this purpose. 

After all, you can't take the stroller up a mountain! But overall, the places you could use a baby backpack carrier are virtually unlimited. 

You could take your baby outside anywhere you would typically take in a backpack carrier. Great for day trips to places such as zoos, aquariums, parks, picnics, and other similar scenarios and outdoor areas.

Best Child Carrier Hiking Backpack

If you're interested in buying a baby backpack carrier, check out the excellent offering below from Besrey. As usual at Besrey, our team has come up trumps with their latest creation.

The Besrey baby backpack carrier is not only feature-rich, but it offers excellent value in both price and quality, bringing you a backpack carrier that gives plenty of bang for its buck and many happy days out with your toddler. Check it out below.

The Besrey baby backpack carrier features everything you would expect and more from a premium backpack carrier. Take a look at the below features:

  • Adjustable chest, belt, shoulder, and back strap - Offers superior comfort and ergonomics for the wearer
  • 5-point safety harness - Keeps your toddler securely seated in the backpack carrier for total peace of mind
  • Wide shoulder straps - Helps spread the weight evenly over the upper body and back to reduce strain
  • Waist belt and chest strap with buckle - Firmly hold the baby backpack carrier to your body for confident carrying
  • Comfortable seat padding - Provides a comfortable seat for your little one, even after long periods
  • Foot stirrups - Prevents the legs from dangling for comfort and reducing chaffing
  • Waist storage compartment - Allows easy access to essentials that you need to grab quickly
  • Sunshade and rain curtain - Protects your little one against wind, rain, and sunshine
  • Drool Pad - Provides more padding in your baby leans forward and also collects and dribbles
  • Under-seat and side mesh storage - Conveniently store and access all the items you need on your trip
  • Collapsable and folding frame - When not in use, you can fold up the backpack carrier for easy storage.


A baby backpack carrier is a handy and versatile item, especially for active parents who enjoy spending time outdoors or plan to take their baby on regular day trips or hiking. 

One thing to consider is how you are or how to fit the person carrying it. Indeed, it is not necessary or even a desire for every parent to own one but a handy item. 

You could even use it to take your kid to the shops if you wanted to and eliminate the burden of navigating the stroller around the aisles.

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