Girls' Night In: Hosting A Memorable Gathering For New Mom Friends

Girls' Night In: Hosting A Memorable Gathering For New Mom Friends

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

As a new mother, connecting with others in the same phase of life can be a fulfilling experience. 

The transition into motherhood comes with a unique set of joys, challenges, and shared experiences that can form the foundation for deep, enduring friendships. 

Hosting a gathering for your fellow new mom friends can be the perfect opportunity to strengthen these bonds. 

We will guide you on how to host an unforgettable gathering filled with fun, connection, and a touch of light-hearted competition.

Online Party Games: Making Virtual Connections Fun

In this digital era, even our friendships and social gatherings have found a place online. 

Online party games have become increasingly popular, offering a way for friends to connect, engage, and have fun despite geographical barriers. 

As new moms, your schedules might not always align for a physical gathering. This is where online party games shine, offering flexibility and entertainment in equal measure.

The Rice Purity Test: A Walk Down Memory Lane

One such online party game that has gained popularity is the  Rice Purity Test. This test is a self-graded survey that assesses the participants' innocence in worldly matters. 

While it was initially intended for incoming college students, it can also serve as a light-hearted and fun game for your mom's night in.

The test includes 100 'yes or no' questions about various experiences, ranging from mild to adventurous. 

Each 'no' adds a point to your purity score. While the results are meant to be taken lightly, they can spark interesting discussions and induce a healthy dose of nostalgia. 

It's a chance to remember your pre-motherhood days and share those stories with your friends, fostering a deeper connection. 

The key is to approach it with an open mind and a good sense of humor.

Jackbox Games: Lively Competition

Another excellent option for online party games is Jackbox Games. 

This platform offers a range of engaging, easy-to-play games that can accommodate up to eight players.

From creative drawing games to hilarious trivia contests, these games can bring out the competitive spirit in everyone and lead to a lot of laughter.

The games are designed to be streamed over platforms like Zoom or Google Meet, allowing everyone to play from the comfort of their homes. 

You can even have a video chat running alongside the game to capture the reactions and keep the conversation flowing. Whether you are a  trivia buff, a wordplay wizard, or a doodle artist, there's a game for everyone on Jackbox.

Virtual Escape Rooms: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Virtual Escape Rooms are another online gaming trend that is gaining traction. 

These games are designed to be collaborative, requiring players to solve puzzles together to "escape" from a simulated scenario. They're perfect for nurturing teamwork and camaraderie among friends.

There are various platforms available that offer a diverse range of themed escape rooms. Choose one that aligns with the interests of your group and enjoy the thrill of solving a mystery together. 

The joy of working together and the satisfaction of solving the puzzle will surely make this an unforgettable part of your gathering.

Creating A Relaxing Atmosphere

With the games selected and scheduled, it's equally important to create a relaxing atmosphere that allows everyone to unwind and enjoy the evening. 

As new moms, the opportunity to relax and decompress can be as rare as it is necessary.

Online Group Meditation: Syncing Breaths

Start the gathering with an online group meditation session.  Guided meditations are readily available on various platforms, and you can choose one that suits the vibe of your group. 

This calming exercise can set a relaxed tone for the evening and provide a much-needed moment of tranquility for the busy moms.

Sharing Parenting Stories: The Joy And Challenges

Reserve some time for everyone to share their experiences as new moms. 

This can serve as a therapeutic session where you can express your joys, frustrations, and learnings. It's a chance to validate each other's experiences, offer advice, or simply lend a listening ear. 

This open conversation can deepen your bonds and provide a sense of community.

Show And Tell: Baby's Latest Milestones

A 'show and tell' of the babies' latest milestones can be a fun and heartwarming addition to the evening. 

Be it their first tooth, first word, or their latest artwork, sharing these precious moments can add a personal touch to the gathering and provide a collective source of joy.

Planning A Delicious Menu

No gathering is complete without a delicious spread of food and drinks. 

Planning a menu that caters to various tastes, dietary preferences, and is easy to manage in an online setup can be a challenge but is achievable with a bit of creativity.

If your place is near or in Melbourne, you can look for the best Melbourne catering service to provide the best food for your gathering.

DIY Cocktail Hour: Mix And Sip

Kick off the evening with a DIY cocktail hour. Share a simple cocktail recipe ahead of time and have everyone prepare their drinks together over the video call. 

Non-alcoholic versions can also be suggested for those who prefer it. This can be a fun, interactive way to start the evening on a cheerful note.

Meal Kit Delivery: Dining Together, Apart

Consider opting for a meal kit delivery service that delivers the ingredients and recipe for a chosen dish to each of your friends. 

This way, everyone can enjoy the same meal, creating a sense of unity despite the distance. There are a plethora of services that offer various cuisine options and cater to different dietary restrictions.

Virtual Bake-Off: Sweet Endings

To wrap up the night, organize a virtual bake-off. Share a simple dessert recipe in advance and enjoy the fun of baking together. 

Once the sweet treats are ready, savor them over final chats and reflections of the evening.

Final Thoughts

Hosting a memorable gathering for your new mom friends doesn't have to be daunting or complicated. 

By integrating fun online games, creating a relaxing atmosphere, and planning a delicious menu, you can make this an unforgettable experience that strengthens your bonds and creates cherished memories.