Best Ways to Earn Money if You are a Parent

Best Ways to Earn Money if You are a Parent

Parents can stay at home and still make a living. In this modern age, such a combo is just the reality. You can find plenty of options to earn money online without spending too much time away from your family. Of course, most such jobs require certain skills or talents. Still, it is possible to achieve a decent income without working full-time and being away for the entire day. So, let’s see what the best ways to earn money are while being a young parent.

Selling crafts

Any handy, creative person can start by turning their passion for crafts into a business. Thus, you can learn how and where to sell your crafts and start doing them. The demand for unique, handmade goods is high at the moment. So why not jump on board and turn your passion into a working business? You can see what people like and offer those goods online. Luckily, there are plenty of online marketplaces that can make such a business very easy.

Besides, you can also create a master class or courses where you teach others your craft. Such a product can easily turn into a passive income if you market it well and have a large following on social media or Etsy pages.


Parents can easily take tutoring positions as long as they have some special skills or knowledge to teach the young. So, you can think about what area of expertise you can share with others and offer those services for a fair price. You can invite people home or tutor online, as the latter is becoming quite a popular option.

Students of all ages need tutors to help them with homework, language skills, musical instrument lessons, writing, and else. Now, they can come to you for such help.This way, students will have the choice of spending a few hours with you or ordering help online.

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You don’t have to get back to work to earn inside your career path. How? Well, it’s quite easy, actually. You can still offer your skills and services online. You don’t need to spend hours in the office or seek that next promotion. You can still be a stay-at-home parent and a professional. So, see what skills or areas of expertise are most required in your field and that you can do remotely. Make a professional resume and a good portfolio to show off your skills.

Overall, these days almost any profession can turn into a freelance job if you play your cards right. Though, don’t turn this option away if you haven't built much work experience yet. Perhaps, research the freelance market and find niches you have something to offer. These can be creating jobs like writing or editing. You can also take an online course and start a new career as a freelancer.


Any person with a love and gift for cooking or baking can easily make money at home while taking care of their kids. You can set up a small business where you make certain products or take small catering orders every once in a while. So, let’s say you love making cakes or jams. Now, you can take orders for these products online and ship them for a price.

Your other option is to prepare homemade meals for lunch hours or small parties. The former is perfect if you live in a city and can help office workers to eat healthily for a small price. So, you cook their meals and deliver them personally or with courier services. Catering can also be a lot of fun as long as you have the kitchen, equipment, and time for it.


Parents’ blogs are on the rise at the moment. Childcare and parenting will always find their audience. After all, for as long as there are parents, and especially new parents, the need for parenting content will be there. So why don’t you try making a living out of it? While students may occasionally struggle to juggle their academic tasks, numerous resources are available to help them stay on track. If you're struggling with structuring your essay, try this site and elevate your writing skills.

Of course, starting out as a blogger can be tough. It’s confusing and demanding. You will need to find the right platform and media (video, text, or else) and develop a special angle or online persona.

However, blogging can also be a lot of fun. Consider this like a parents’ journal that went public. You will document the best (or not, your choice) parts of your life and share them with an audience. Plus, if you gain enough followers, you’ll get to monetize the whole thing and maybe turn it into a business.


Bottom line

There is nothing more precious than springtime with your family. However, it doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you love professionally. Parents can still engage in various work endeavors to maintain a desired family income or just have something for a hobby or self-expression. This list holds only several popular ideas on what you can do for a living at home as a parent. However, depending on your interest and professional experience, the list can go on. So, make your pick, and don’t be afraid of trying. Good luck!