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Looking For A Pregnancy Pillow Which Allows You To Sleep Like A Baby...

Why Our Comfy Pregnancy Pregnancy Pillow?.... Let's Find Out

Best Sleeping Partner:

Then your present one... don't get us otherwise but here we mean that, once you will have our Comfy Pregnancy Pillow you will feel warm hugging a person without having a person who not only takes some of your baby's weight but also hugs you!


Comfy & Fluffy To Make You Sleep Immediately:

If you want to sleep with a fluffy partner then you must have our pregnancy pillow. Our unique bionic cotton filling without any smell provides comfort for sleeping and it retains fluffiness for better performance and longer use. Now you will sleep immediately without any body pain.

Support To Relieve Your Pain:

Suffering from back pain, leg pain, and hips pain is normally during pregnancy period but now no more pain. Our pregnancy pillow helps in backpain, hips pain, and leg pain. It is uniquely designed for the pregnant mom, this "U" shaped maternity support pillow is for sleeping and helps in releasing body pain. 

You Don't Have To Be Muscular To Carry It, It Is Light-Weight:

Our pregnancy pillow is not designed for muscle builders it is designed for moms, and we do understand that moms have to carry their cute little one with them 24/7. This extra fluffy is not heavy it is specifically designed for moms which makes it extremely light-weight for moms. 

 Special Thanks To Our Happy Customers

"OMG, what a difference this pillow makes!!! I have fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome so I'm in pain 24 /7 and cannot get comfortable enough to get any sleep. But that has changed dramatically since I have been using this pillow. It gives me support no matter what position I'm in, so I'm not constantly moving all night long. I no longer get hip pain on the hip that's on the mattress when I sleep on my side. I am so glad I finally got one of these, and this one in particular looked like it would give the most support, rather than just be like putting a few pillows together, and it does give a lot of support. I can get into many more positions now without moving."



"My husband is well aware of the fact that this pillow has now replaced him. I made it to my third trimester not needing a support pillow, then one day my spawn kept flipping me like a pancake onto my back. Deciding that a battle of wills with an unborn hellion was going to result in me losing every single time, I dragged this down from the guest room and now I'm in love and leaving my husband to start my new life with my pregnancy pillow. It will just be the two of us (and I guess the baby? Maybe?) relaxing on the beach, sleeping soundly, wrapped around each other like little monkeys, with not a care in the world and not an ache in our spines."



Is this pregnancy pillow hot?

This pregnancy pillow is not specifically made for keeping it cool as it provides warmth to the pregnant mom but if your main concern is hotness then we can tell it is kind of similar to a cotton blanket a little less warm than that. If you are using A/C or any other cooling device in your room then for you it will not be a big issue.

Does it have any harmful chemicals?

No, it does not have harmful chemicals it is made following proper country standards and considering the needs of pregnant moms.

Does this take more than half the space of a queen-sized bed?

Thank you for your question the size is 55.1"x 31.5 "x 7.8" which is an ideal pillow for any bed.


Material: fleece and cotton
Size & Weight: 140x80cm & 2600g

We are happy when you are happy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Eladio Conroy

Recommend. Received in 5 days to Hungary. Pillow came with a cover separately, so it's nice because it gives the possibility to wash the cover. Also it provided a reusable vacuum bag with it! very satisfied. The pillow feels really good and comfortable.

Cristina Thompson

A luxury product by quality. the speed of delivery was really good! and the product was better than expected! Super comfortable, today I'll sleep like a queen at last. 100% is recommended. Thank you so much for everything proactive baby.

Adrien Lehner

I just received it in one day has arrived in Spain. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks the same as in the picture. It comes very well packed. I recommend the proactive baby. When I try, I'll comment if it's comfortable. Thank you very much for how quickly I received it.
Very comfortable. I recommend it. I'm gonna buy another one. The shipment is super fast, I ordered it in the afternoon and the next day in the morning I received it

Orion Kozey

Very fast shipping, order placed on Monday and received on Thursday. It is 130cm long and quite comfortable. Very happy with the purchase.

Larissa Braun

He arrived in two days, amazing! Very well packaged. It doesn't look as thick and fluffy as in the photo, but it's comfortable.