TakTark Baby Monitor 3.2 inch High Resolution Baby Security Camera

Buy Baby Camera online Now, So You Can Watch Over Our Little One's And Enjoy Your Time 🤗Why You Must Buy Our Baby Camera Online:

Full Viewing Control: The 355° horizontal viewing angle and 115° vertical rotation range of the baby monitor with camera offer a full room view. With the parent unit, remote pan and tilt are simple. With the 2x digital zoom capability, you may quickly close the distance between you and your kid. Buy Baby Camera Online so that you can witness every tiny movement your baby makes on the baby monitor's high-resolution screen. The baby's whole image may be seen on the 3.5-inch screen.

Two Way Talk & Temperature Alarm: Baby monitor with video and audio support sensitive microphone, innovative 2-way communication technology. Bring a clear and smooth audio conversation to you and your kid. You may use the baby monitor from a distance, with the melodies soothing your kid and lulling him to sleep. Buy baby camera online because the temperature sensor measures the temperature in your baby's room in order to create the most comfortable environment.

Baby Monitor with Night Vision: When infrared lights and a sensor detect low light, Buy Baby Camera Online as it instantly switches to black-and-white night vision. I know you miss your kid all the time, and this baby monitor with camera and night vision allows you to view her at night.

Temperature Monitoring: This baby monitor has a temperature sensor that monitors your baby's room temperature throughout the day, assisting you in caring for your baby's health. since you can buy a baby camera online This also senses room temperature and is equipped with Auto Night Vision Zoom In 2X Power Saving. Buy Baby Camera Online as it may also be mounted and expanded to hold up to four cameras in total.

Multiple Languages Support -Buy baby camera online as it also functions in many languages, below are as mentioned. English / French / Spanish / Portuguese / Italian / German / Turkey / Russian. Smart VOX Mode: When in VOX mode, the baby monitor's screen goes to sleep to save power. Once a sound is detected, the screen will activate automatically, so you won't have to gaze at it all the time. Buy Baby Camera Online you'll have more private time to focus on what you prefer, such as performing yoga, watching TV, or even enjoying a couple of drinks with your husband, which will offer you a lot of enjoyment.

* There is a battery within the parent unit. It may be powered by a battery or an adaptor.
* The camera is not equipped with a battery. Therefore, in order for the camera to function, it must constantly be hooked into a power source.


What Our Customers Say About Us!

"Very easy to install. Easy to charge and picture quality is really great!
I am able to move the camera, which I really like so I can adjust it if my baby is in her crib or if I need to see elsewhere in the room. It also has a temperature alert when it is either to low or to high. I'm really happy I made this purchased ".
Jade V

"It's exactly what we needed. Just something simple and AFFORDABLE. It's actually really decent for the price! Goes to show the outrageous prices for video monitors aren't necessary! I trusted the reviews, just got it today, so if it doesn't live up to expectations I'll update the review. But right now, I'm happy with it! Now be prepared, the monitor is small but the picture is great in person. For installation, all I did was plug them in to charge, turned the monitor on and boom, it was working. Pretty happy with it".



1Q: is there an app to monitor by phone?
Answer: No, there isn't. 
2Q: Is this 110V or 220V?
Answer: 110. A standard United States plug
3Q: If it's not in VOX mode, will the screen stay on longer than 2 minutes?
Answer: Yes it will stay on. 
4Q: Does anyone have the manufacture or sellers email?
Answer: No Ma'am, Sorry we can't disclose this.

Product Specifications.

Video Resolution: 320*240
Type: Video & Audio
Transmission Power: 17dBm
Size: 120mm*70mm*17mm
Resolution Supported: 320x 240
Power Supply: 5V/1A DC
Power: Rechargeable battery
Feature: Temperature Monitoring, Intercom, LCD Display
Display Screen Size: 3.2 inch
Brand Name: TakTark
Battery: Li-polymer / 750 mAh,3.7V

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