Baby Carrier With Hip Seat and shoulder strap For Age 0-36 Months

Baby Carrier With Hip Seat and shoulder strap For Age 0-36 Months

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Baby Carrier With Hip Seat and shoulder strap For Age 0-36 Months

Baby Carrier With Hip Seat and shoulder strap For Age 0-36 Months

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Color: Wine Red

Product Description:

A Baby Carrier With Hip Seat is Every Mom You Need....

If You are a mom who is actively looking for something on which you can carry your baby then you are at right place. Baby carrier is made for the age 0-36 months, click here to checkout our complete collection.

"I really love this hip carrier. Best thing about this waist carrier is it has shoulder straps which really helps in distributing baby weight on body. I really think it is best for comfort no shoulder pain or back pain. I really appreciate if you are a mom who is struggling with back pain."

Colleen Nedlog

Why You Must Buy Our Baby Carrier With Hip Seat?

  • Lightweight & Versatile : Our Baby Hip Carrier is soft and it is ergonomically designed for baby to sit right above your hip. Fits 24-44 inch waist, and weighs less than 1 pound. Just one safe, sturdy buckle to put it on. That’s it. 
  • Safe For Babies & Durable : Our baby hip carrier is made from high-quality cotton material which is breathable and is made for long lasting use. It is made for newborn up to 3 year old toddlers (8 lbs to 45 lbs). If you the mom is looking for a baby carrier which is perfect for your daily use then you must buy our baby carrier.
  • Four Carrying Positions : Our baby hip carrier is made for maximum comfort to mommies. It has 4 carrying positions which are :
    • 1) Feeding/breastfeeding - Perfect for your baby's breastfeeding or for feeding food 
    • 2) Side carrying- While you just wanna carry baby and play with him this carrying is a perfect position
    • 3) Front facing: When you wanna show your baby the world this is perfect position and it reduces weight from your hip also and
    • 4) Face to face: Best position for baby's happiness.
  • Lots of Storage Pockets : Baby Hip Carrier have lots of storage pockets for keeping baby's belongings. You can keep diapers and baby wipes in the storage beneath the seat. You can also keep your keys, phone, and pacifiers in the side pockets, also you can keep milk bottle in the holder. Attach toys & sanitizer to the loops. And fold it right up for easy transport. Leave your stroller, clunky carrier, purse, and diaper bag in the minivan. Simply it has a lot of space to put things in. 
  • Now No Back Our Shoulder Pain : Baby Carrier with hip seat evenly distributes your baby’s weight so you don’t have to constantly switch sides or strain your back. Baby Hip Carrier has a plush pad around the abdomen for you, and the supportive, anti slip hip seat is lined with squishy memory foam for your baby’s bum too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the dark gray the only color with the extra child support strap (that goes behind child’s back)? It is the only one with it pictured?

Answer : Mine is gray on the straps, clips and seat part the outer sections is tan/khaki. One of the pockets has white mesh on the sides ( Minali, A Proactive Baby's Customer).

Question: Can you remove the shoulder strap?

Answer: You can remove the shoulder strap, but using it will make the force more uniform and you will be more comfortable and relaxed.

Question : How wide does the waist strap go?

Answer: As shown on the dimensions image, the waist strap is 5.5 inches (14cm) wide.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Trudie Beahan

i hope is good for baby

Trevion Harris

The product is good. As described

Allie Gorczany

Good item

Never received order

I have been waiting a very long time for my order to arrive. Still have not received it.

Chavez Laura

I kid you not, I bought about 9 different hip carriers and this is THE best one. I spent from $20 - $80 on each carrier and none of them comes close to what this one offers. I looked very meticulously for 4 important features: Storage space under the seat, a side pocket, a bottle holder, firm angle of seat. I get stopped everywhere and get asked about this ingenious invention. Seriously, my back felt like it was going to break before I started using this!
Features I wished that this pack had: grips on the seat (it's a nice feature, but sometimes not having the grip is helpful, so it's kind of a toss up of if I really want seat grips), steeper angle (this was a common problem with other carriers. I would have had to give up the storage under the seat if I wanted a steeper angled one, and I am not willing to give that up), collapsable seat (I only found ONE by bebear that has a collapsable seat, which I LOVE, but it doesn't have a bottle holder or the extra open pouch on the side).