ZTOV Postpartum Pregnancy Waist Trainer Corset | Slimming Belt Body Shaper

ZTOV Postpartum Pregnancy Waist Trainer Corset | Slimming Belt Body Shaper

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ZTOV Postpartum Pregnancy Waist Trainer Corset | Slimming Belt Body Shaper

ZTOV Postpartum Pregnancy Waist Trainer Corset | Slimming Belt Body Shaper

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Color: Beige
Maternity Size: S

Product Description:

New Moms Can Now Pamper Themselves With Our Postpartum Waist Trainer & Enjoy Motherhood

Why You Must Buy Our ZTOV Postpartum Waist Trainer:

Close-Fitting & Healthy Wearing: The benefits of this postpartum waist trainer is that it is combined with new changes in our waist belt postpartum shapewear. It has five flexible steel bones and a high-elastic, soft, breathable fabric for a secure fit and good tummy/pelvic compression. You may change the tightness using the four hooks up front. Applicable People & Hi-Waist Control: The high waist shape of this waist trimmer belt offers solid stomach compression rather than bloated rolls. Women who have recently given birth and those who want to conceal their belly, back, and waist fat in order to produce an invisible, sleek figure under a lovely dress can  now wear the postpartum waist trainer underwear.  

Correct Posture And Back Support: Postpartum waist trainer is provided by the band for support, which is made of steel bones all around and provides comfortable lumbar back support support to improve posture and reduce back pain. It tightens your cellulite, reduces lumps and bumps, and prevents the band from rolling up. .Help Recovery & Prevent Organ Droop: The postpartum waist trainer helps in recovery of abdominal binder which is essential for women, it give moms' abdomen control, waist/back support, reduce swelling and bloating after delivery, speed up the healing of c-section wounds, prevent organ skin from drooping, alleviate hip and pelvic pain, and shrink the uterus down to its normal size. 

Keep Its Shape For A Long Time: The Postpartum waist trainer incorporates high elasticity fabric, which allows for free stretching and resists easily going out of shape. It causes you to lift your hips and clasp your buttocks, giving you a larger, sexier butt. It is extremely advised to wash by hand in cold water and hang them to dry. 

Postpartum Support Girdle C-Section Recovery Belly Band Wrap Belt Waist Trainer with Pelvis Trimming.

If you are depressed at your figure after postpartum, why not choose BRABIC postpartum belly wrap? When you combine exercise and calorie control with the waist belt, you will see quite difference soon. 
  1. Elasticity fabric make you stretch freely and keep its shape for long time.
  2. Adjustable closure fit any figure and adjust how tight you wanna.
  3. Speed up the recovery and accelerate the healing for postpartum/surgery, prevent organ droop.
  4. Steel bone designed, give your back support ,correct posture and avoid the belt from rolling up.
  5. Strong compression on your tummy and abdomen, get your body back to its former size.
  6. Fasten your buttocks and lift your hips, because this Postpartum waist trainer will make your butt look bigger and sexier

Size Available : These sizes are for an estimation. If you need any assistance from our team to figure out what is exact size is  suitable for your needs, please contact to our team on Facebook chatbot below or contact us by clicking here. Our Team would surely love to guide you for the best buying experience.

Size chart




S 60.96cm-66.04cm 81.28cm-86.36cm
M 66.04cm-71.12cm 86.36cm-91.44cm
L 71.12cm-76.2cm 91.44cm-96.52cm
XL 76.2cm-81.28cm 96.52cm-101.6cm
2XL 81.28cm-86.36cm 101.6cm-106.68cm
3XL 86.36cm-91.44cm 106.68cm-111.76cm
4XL 91.44cm-96.52cm 111.76cm-116.84cm
5XL 96.52cm-101.6cm 116.84cm-121.92cm
6XL 101.6cm-106.68cm 121.92cm-127cm
Reminder: Avoid choosing the same size as your regular outfit;
Errors of 1-2 cm are acceptable.


Special Instructions:

  1. Do not wear the belt while sleeping. It is recommended to hand wash and wash it with clean water before your first use.
  2. If you feel uncomfortable during the using process, recommend to adjust the tighten or reduce the using time of postpartum waist trainer.

What Our Customers Say About Us!

"Great shaper for post tummy tuck support, I bought this shaper about 3 1/2 weeks after my tummy tuck. I needed something that held every thing together and was tight enough to provide support but I still needed to be able to breathe and move around. This shaper did just that, when this was delivered I looked at it and thought it there was no way this would fit, surprisingly I was able to put it on the last set of rows so I could have possibly bought a large I was able to wear it right on my skin and not have to wear a tank top under it like I have had to with other supports/ shapers I have bought. It is by far the most comfortable shaper I own. I like the softness of it as well as the elasticity". 
"Best belly band/waist trainer. I have been searching for the perfect postpartum wait trainer or belly band for a while. I bought this band and I love it!!! I have had two other pregnancies and the ones I bought in the past would hurt me so bad that I wouldn’t last no more than 30 minutes wearing it, eventually gave up past the first week. However, this band has exceeded my expectations as far as support and comfort go. It is soft, flexible, and it holds everything in place with the pain or embarrassing seam lines through my clothes. By the way it’s not noticeable under clothes, nonetheless, if you are wearing skin tight clothes it may show through. Other than that I would definitely purchase this again".


1Q. I am right in the middle of a large and xl what size should I get? should I size up or down?
Answer: If you want it to be tight then go for large because as you use it will stretch out, but if you don’t feel comfortable being too tight go with the xl. They really fit perfect size to me. (By Proactive Baby Customer)

2Q.What size should I order, I’m 5’5 and 140lbs with natural waist of 28inches and 32 at the largest part?
Answer: I say Large. (By Proactive Baby Customer)

3Q. Did it flatten your stomach without exercise? I only have a little pouch and want it to go down a little?
Answer: It certainly helped shrink my stomach down but I had to do exercises also. (By Proactive Baby Customer)

 Product Specifications.

Brand NameZTOV.
Maternity ClothingBelly Bands & Support.
Material: Nylon, Polyester, Spandex.
Item typeWomen corset.
ItemWaist trainer.
ColorBlack, Beige.

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Shyann Purdy

Order a bigger size to fit them, it comes reduced

Gaston Jones

Product excellent quality

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Superb quality