MamboBaby™ Waist Float With Safety Strap Best Baby Swim Trainer

MamboBaby™ Waist Float With Safety Strap Best Baby Swim Trainer

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MamboBaby™ Waist Float With Safety Strap Best Baby Swim Trainer

MamboBaby™ Waist Float With Safety Strap Best Baby Swim Trainer

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Product Description:

Proactive Baby

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Buy Now Mambobaby Waist Float With Safety Strap & Enjoy This Summer With Your Baby in Pool...!

Enjoy pool time with your baby safely & Happily!

The Baby Float is 100% Safe for your Baby, it comes with safety shoulder straps which is easy to wear for babies and keeps them safe.

Our baby float is a smart swim trainer for your baby, which keeps your baby safe while they are learning to swim in the pool.

It is made for the babies age 3-36 months. If your Baby's age is different click here to checkout our complete collection.

"My Little One loves to float around and splash in the water. It has a adjustable back strap which makes it completely safe for my LO. I used it in training my baby how to swim as I have a swimming pool and I was always concerned about my baby. This Baby floater was our starting point to keep him in water and he loved being in water, floating around, splashing with his cute little hands and legs. This Baby Floater is expensive but completely worth the money and I am buying it again from Proactive Baby'" 

6th May, 2020 Michele B. (Proactive Baby's Customer)

Why Our Baby Float?

360° FULL PROTECTION- Our MamboBaby™ Waist Float is designed to provide 360° protection to the baby, it has safety buckle at shoulder to provide Double support and perfect 90°angle to keep baby balanced and to avoid baby flip over and fall off. You can tight up the strap as per your requirement to avoid any slipping and to keep baby safe.

Proactive Baby

High-Quality Pearl Material & Added Removable Tail- The baby float don't smell like chemicals as other baby floaters smells which makes it more baby like baby float. The Toddler/Infant Swimming Waist Float is made out of high-quality swimwear fabric and TPU film wrap which looks like leather but touches like skin. It dries fast and it is bacteria-free as it is made out of pearl-foam inside. Our baby float comes with added removable tail which you can adjust accordingly to your baby's comfort and consider keeping him safe. 

Proactive Baby

No More Inflating Baby Float & More Safety- We, as parent, know how hard it becomes for moms to inflate baby float every time in the water and moms are always more stressed about leakage on the float or it gets deflated. This is perfectly made for baby with enhanced safety as it is from a breathable material which makes it more safe for babies and now moms are not required to inflate each time baby is going in the water.  This MamboBaby™ Waist Float With Safety Strap  let your baby enjoy water and you enjoy watching your baby. It is a perfect trainer assistance for baby who is learning swimming. 

Proactive Baby



 How to Wear Baby Swim Float? 

The Baby Swim Float is really easy to wear and strap on baby as shown in the below image below. Just need to put baby's hands in this float and buckle up and Tada... baby is wearing it! to enjoy water and splash water on you.🤗

Proactive Baby

Product Specifications

Dimensions : 18.5 x 17.2 x 3.5 inches
Weight : 1.58 pounds
Material :  Outside Skin-Friendly Leather material and Inside Pearl-foam Material 
UPC : 696573628842


The description only says 3-36 months but what about weight????

Answer: Proactive Baby's swim float Fits for Children's weight from 13 to 40 lbs. If your Baby's age is different click here to checkout our complete collection.

Can you purchase a canopy separately? We discovered that it was lost it in the lake.

A. You can purchase the canopy separately in our Proactive Baby store! You can click here to purchase.

Can this be used in a bath tub?

A. Yes it can if you have a larger garden tub or wide tub

 Notice - We request all the parents to closely watch your LO when your little one is in water. Kindly don't forget our product is an aid to keep your baby safely floating in the water and we are confident on our product but we will request you to do complete supervision of your baby when your baby boy/girl is in water. 

Proactive Baby

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Kallie Heidenreich

very good product, I recommend it.

Josianne Gorczany

calitatea este foarte bună.Totul este conform descrierii.Recomand.

Jeromy Klocko

Excellent product meets the promised, does not sink, arrived quickly to Mexico

Cassidy Bechtelar

Thank you

Princess Heathcote

Long no השתמשתי hope no להתאכזב, everything ניראה good quality as pictures. Thank you