Pro-Safe™ Baby knee pad

Pro-Safe™ Baby knee pad

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Pro-Safe™ Baby knee pad

Pro-Safe™ Baby knee pad

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Proactive Baby

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Why Our Baby Knee Protector

  • 👶 BETTER CRAWLING - Pro-Safe™ Baby knee pad offers excellent protection for the baby's knees against bruises, scrapes, or carpet burns when they are curiously crawling and learning to walk.
  • 👶 HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Crafted with a natural blend of cotton and soft material, these knee pads are designed to be stretched up to 15 cm to fit most kids from 6 to 24 months of age.
  • 👶 ANTI-SLIP BREATHABLE DESIGN - As the materials are high-quality PP cotton material. Baby knee pads are fantastic and extraordinarily comfortable. The used fabric ensures that the pad stays dry and cool while it helps to remove perspiration from the skin in the summer months whereas in the winter months it helps keep the baby warm; Our pads have a thick silicone anti-skid front to reinforce and keep the baby’s legs in place while she’s crawling.
  • 👶 FITTED DESIGN - The versatile and non-slip materials that are used to ensure that the knee pad remains comfortably rolled in the safety territory and that it will never come off effectively from contact between the body and any surface. Both knee and elbow coverage, offering dual protection for young explorers. Adjustable too, so they can fit the baby leg perfectly!
  • 👶 EASE OF USE AND CLEANING - Simple use is also simple cleaning. Our knee pads are machine washable and can be dried. After you wash them, they go back to their previous size which is really useful!
  • 👶 WHAT YOU GET - ThePro-Safe™ Baby knee pad comes with assured that your baby will remain cute and will not have scratch marks on his knees and elbows due to his/her learning curiosity. 
  • 👶 IDEAL GIFT - Choose from multiple colors to find the perfect one for your baby... or send it as a gift to that lucky someone. They’re adorable, too!.


Material: High-quality PP Cotton
Size:  For babies between 6 Months - 24 Months.
Weight: 2.5 oz

Proactive Baby

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Sharon Harrison

This product is great for hard and slippery floors. The size is perfect and expandable which makes it comfortable for babies. Also it protect their knees.

Evelyn Dean

These are by far the best knee pads I’ve found. I have a one year old that’s very active, I have hardwoods floors and he will slip and fall with these pads I feel so much better letting him play freely. Very good quality they don’t move and they don’t pinch his cute little chubby thighs. For this price you can’t go wrong!!

Shirley Brooks

Oh my gosh! Everyone literally tells me what an awesome thing to have for my baby! My 11 month old has been using these in the spring because leggings aren’t an option anymore because of the heat and they save her knees BIG TIME! These were a very good purchase. They match most of her outfits seamlessly!! They stay on her legs, but I do take them off after she is done scooting around because they leave an indentation and I just worry about cutting off her circulation while she is asleep. Other than that! They are amazing and everyone always asks me where to find them!

Marilyn Barrett

I'm so glad these exist! My son was a fast crawler, but in the summertime I didn't always have him in pants. These helped his knees from getting too red and beat up. I now throw a pair in with baby gifts as something fun and different to include.

John Ward

Cute and safe for child. Highly recommended. Happy e-Mart is good in support and all the communication. Highly recommended brand.