HeimVision 5.0 Inch Baby Monitor with 720P HD Multipurpose Camera and Audio

HeimVision 5.0 Inch Baby Monitor with 720P HD Multipurpose Camera and Audio

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HeimVision 5.0 Inch Baby Monitor with 720P HD Multipurpose Camera and Audio

HeimVision 5.0 Inch Baby Monitor with 720P HD Multipurpose Camera and Audio

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Product Description:

Give yourself the best baby monitor so you can keep an eye on our toddlers safety from a distance 🤗 Why You Must Buy Our Baby Monitor With Camera And Audio:

High-Quality Image Experience - Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio comes with a 5′′ LCD screen and a 720P resolution camera, our video monitoring system provides great image quality with 10 times more information than standard 240P-display baby monitors. To view floor to ceiling, tilt the lens 110 degrees and pan it 355 degrees to see corner to corner.

Safe Wireless Connection - Baby monitor with camera and audio doesn't post information to the Internet since the monitor and camera are connected directly to one another. Never be concerned about getting hacked. You will have a latency-free experience thanks to the Real-Time Transmission monitoring with a range of up to 1000 feet.  

Enhanced Night Vision - The gloomy night is still visible thanks to a Night Vision Sensor with specific equipment. Baby monitor with camera and audio will be relieved to use our gadget since night vision is essential for monitoring your baby's sleep from another room and the invisible 940nm IR LED produces a perfect resting environment without waking your baby.

Multi-Functional System & Convenient Design - Baby monitor with camera and audio comes with a video surveillance system, up to 4 cameras may be supported, which is perfect for keeping an eye on several infants or children in different rooms. Other features include camera switch and camera PTZ, two-way audio, lullabies, feeding reminders, and sound/temperature detection. For many parents, these features may be quite helpful.

Two-Way Talk - Your infant needs to hear your voice to know that you are nearby. Baby Monitor with camera and audio (HM136) allows you to communicate with your infant while you're preparing food or trimming, letting them know you're around. When your baby is crying, simply press and hold the Two-Way Talk button on the screen to talk and sing to them.

Distance & Alarm - Up to 150 feet indoors and 1000 feet outdoors are within the range. The 2.4GHz frequency of other wireless equipment and the material or thickness of the wall may have an impact on the relevant range. Baby monitor with camera and audio beeps to warn you when you're outside of range and you can also set a time interval from 0.5 hour to 2.5 hours, you can always remember when to feed your baby. Multi Language Support - This baby monitor with camera and audio functions in many languages, below are as mentioned. English / French / Spanish / Portuguese / Italian / German / Turkey / Russian. 

What Our Customers Say About Us!

"Straightforward and Instructive, This product is very straightforward and instructive. I had never used a baby monitor before, but the user’s manual helped me to quickly understand the procedure and learn how to use it for my friend’s baby". (Verified Purchase)
"Premium product; great vision and sound! The range of this product is great! Picks up amazing night vision with almost crystal-clear screen quality. The sound pickup is accurate, quick, and sensitive enough that it will help identify different types of noise without causing any blur or echo". (Verified Purchase)


1Q: Can the camera angle be changed on the parent unit?
Answer: The HM136 is a PTZ camera, which is true. The camera may be moved horizontally, tilted vertically, or zoomed in two times.
2Q: Can more than one camera be linked to a single monitor?
Answer: In response, a monitor can link to a maximum of four cameras.
3Q: Is there a battery in the camera?
Answer: No, you must constantly have the camera powered on.
4Q: Can I change from Celsius to Fahrenheit?
Answer: Yes. When using the temperature alarm feature, you can change the temperature scales.
5Q: Can you see or can't you see the IR LED?
Answer: The 940nm IR LED used by this camera makes it invisible to people. This was created specifically for infants.

Product Specification.

baby sleep monitor: baby monitor electronic
Wireless Range: 900ft
Video Resolution: SD 720P
Type: Video & Audio
Power adapter: EU plug
Power: Rechargeable battery
Number Of Channels: Wireless Video Color Baby Monitor
Monitor Battery: 2000mAh Rechargeable Battery
Display Size: 5 inch LCD Display
Display Resolution: 720P HD
Battery Capacity: Monitor Battery 2000mAh

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